Channel Management Blog Guest Post Guidelines

We have received guest post requests from IT knowledge experts who are interested in writing for the TECHmarc Labs blog so we decided to publish some guidelines.

blog guest post guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post for the TECHmarc Labs blog. Our goal is to provide the IT community with valuable, comprehensive and insightful posts they can use in their own companies and we encourage you to add your expertise. 

A bit about the TECHmarc Labs audience.

We are focused solely on the technology industry. Our readers consist primarily of c-suite executives, directors and managers in sales, marketing, product management and business development roles for start-ups, mid-size companies and enterprises. They work for firms in the following areas:

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • SaaS - Software as a Service

  • PaaS - Platform as a Service

  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

  • Cloud computing

  • Mobility

  • Security

  • Managed services

  • Managed hosting

  • Data center

They are vendors, distributors, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs), Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs), Systems Integrators (SIs), Data Center providers and IT consultants.

Our readers are not engineers or certified technical professionals. 

Key Things that You Should Know

Although we work with our clients on indirect channel initiatives including partnerships, management, marketing and sales, that is not all we focus on in our blog. We welcome any actionable and in-depth topics related to IT business growth that our readers can implement.

Every blog submission requires the following:

  • Original content, not previously published on any website.

  • Be in line with the writing style and types of content already posted on our channel management blog.

  • Contain appropriate attribution of sources, data, studies, reports or any external content mentioned in the post.

  • Limit of 2 links to other sites within the body of your post.

  • Minimum word count. We appreciate the fact that our site visitors read and share our blog posts because of the quality of the content. We find that a word count of 1,000 or more is needed to achieve that quality.


Rules of the Road:

  • We will not accept any content which has been copied from another site. If content is found to be plagiarized, it will be removed immediately.

  • Do not promote your company, products or services within the post. The purpose of the post is to help, educate and inform our readers. Not to sell. You may include information about your company in the author bio which will be included at the end of the post.

  • The links within your post should not go to your site. They should be used to provide additional information or useful resources.

  • Inaccurate information or data which has not been vetted by the author will be removed.

  • Any attempt to implement online link-building techniques will be removed or may cause the post to be eliminated completely.

  • TECHmarc Labs reserves the right to edit or modify the guest post in any way. It may be modified for grammar, length, content accuracy, SEO or any other reason.

  • An author bio will be added at the end of the post which will include a photo and a brief description provided by you. You may include one link to your personal/company website as well as up to 3 social media links.

Submitting Your Post:

Please do not write a complete post and submit it to us for inclusion before we have had a chance to get to know you better. To express your interest in writing a post, please email and include the following information:

  1. Your full name, business email address and company name. We will not accept Gmail email addresses.

  2. The full name, business email address and company name of the post’s author if it will not be you. We will not accept Gmail email addresses.

  3. The expertise of the author which qualifies them to write on the topic they have selected. We are committed to providing our audience with insights from people who have a great deal of experience in the area in which they write.

  4. Links to similar blog posts which demonstrate the author’s writing style and knowledge.

  5. Up to 3 topics/titles on which the author would like to write. It is not sufficient to just say Business Development, for example. Please be as specific as you can.

If we believe that the topics you have selected will be of interest to our readers, we will reach out to you with additional information.

Thank you for your interest. 

Here are 3 examples of some of the things we write about.