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MDF market development funds

MDF: 3 Small Letters That Cause Big Headaches, Part II.

As budgets and resources tighten, so do partner marketing funds, and it’s no longer acceptable to simply look at performance metrics – such as campaign downloads, number of participating partners and MDF utilization percentages – to show the return on investment. Today, channel marketing is being asked to justify all MDF spend and measure the channel marketing influence and contribution, as well as the overall channel marketing investment to pipeline.  via SiriusDecisions ...

is managed services certification worth the effort

Managed Services Certifications: Worth the Effort?

Most channel pros either say no or haven’t considered the question of managed services certifications, but many holders of third-party MSP accreditations swear by them.  Should you?
via ChannelPro Network ...

saas applications sold through partner channel

SaaS Applications Sales Model Starts to Mature.

When the shift to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications delivered via the cloud began, most of the focus was on selling these offerings directly, but as providers began to fully appreciate the challenges of activating a license along with getting customers to renew those subscriptions, many began proactively recruiting channel partners to help achieve that goal more economically. The challenge many now face is trying to figure out the right balance between direct and indirect sales via the channel. Here's a look at key findings from a recent study. via Channel Insider ...

brand trust

Why Brand Trust is King.

The rise of social media and the ubiquity of information has fundamentally transformed the way consumer products companies operate. In a world where reputation is everything, these organizations can’t survive on product quality alone, which is why so many are placing a renewed emphasis on brand trust and loyalty.  via ChannelE2E ...

tips for msp success

5 Tips to MSP Sales Success.

Many managed service providers struggle with the sales and marketing aspects of running a business. However, sales is a pivotal part of the picture for any MSPs seeking long-term growth. Here are four easy tips to get you on your way to selling like a pro.  via MSPmentor ...