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marketing big data

How Big Data Has Transformed Marketing Into A Science.

Over the years, marketing has been an outcast in many companies - seen as a cost center rather than a true revenue generator.  What is it actually worth? How much money does it actually bring in? How much can it grow the business? One Florida firm discusses how the explosion in big data analytics has propelled marketing into a new era of measurement and real numbers. via CRN ...

adaptive marketing

Adaptive Marketing Is On The Rise.

As digital marketing further automates customer interactions, it will become even more imperative that technology partners and ecosystem re-think their strategy for how their services and products can reshape the customer experience. Just because marketers can automate something doesn’t necessarily mean they will deliver a great experience, and research indicates they need the help.  via The VAR Guy ...

product releases for the channel

5 Product Releases That Are Good for The Channel.

MobileIron released a security solution that is expected to prevent unauthorized apps from accessing data housed on the cloud. Scality and Dell have created a storage server designed specifically for large enterprise file and object storage requirements. Voxox debuted a new mobile app for its cloud phone solution that is specifically targeted at companies with less than 10 employees. Nyansa released Voidance, the world’s first cloudsourced enterprise IT analytics service. Unisys announced that its Stealth cloud solution is now available for Microsoft Azure. So why is this all good for the channel?  via The VAR Guy ...

MSPs win over CEOs with cloud computing

The MSP's Job No. 1: How to Win The CEO Over to The Cloud.

When it comes to pitching CEOs about the cloud, the last thing they want to hear about is technology. For them, this is a business discussion and helping non-technical chief executives understand what the cloud can do for their companies involves a far broader set of considerations.  via MSPmentor ...

B2B social media marketing success

10 Success Factors for B-toB Social Media Marketing. 

B2B social media marketing requires holistic planning and investment in the right people, processes and technology. SiriusDecisions research shows that organizations that comprehensively tackle social media preparedness factors outperform their peers on social. Organizations that silo social or ignore certain key prerequisites often suffer from challenges in building social success.  via SiriusDecisions ...