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channel partner competition in vertical industries

4 Steps to Establishing Your Business in A Vertical Industry.

Competition among channel partners is fierce. It's important for company's to specialize in specific solutions and differentiate their companies from the others in order to protect their business and margins.

IDC's recent research titled "Differentiate to Stand Out" discusses how to do this. One of the best ways is to become an industry expert in a specific vertical. 82% of respondents to the survey IDC conducted said that the focus on specific vertical industries were important or very important to helping them grow their companies.  via Microsoft Partner Network Blog ...

MSPs Love ROI of Marketing With Webinars

1 MSP Loves ROI of Marketing with Webinars.

The challenge for George Bardissi of BVoiP is to keep his MSPs up on the company's activities but to do it on a limited budget. His solution? Webinars. For almost no cost, George is able to provide his MSPs with regular updates via live webinars and then archive each video so customers, existing channel partners and new channel partners can view the complete library of webinars on-demand. Marketers have long supported the use of webinars as a long-term and cost-effective tool for branding, product launches, new customer acquisition and advertising to channel partners and customers alike.  via MSPmentor ...

marketing pipeline metrics

Marketing Pipeline Metrics: Restoring Balance.

There are B2B marketing organizations that source greater than 50 percent of their company’s pipeline. Do you do that? If so, you're going great. However, there are other B2B marketing organizations that do not do that. Companies marketing to a specific community of prospects or those focused on key accounts, an already established group of customers or have a focus on upselling additional products/services to increase revenue, are those for whom marketing sourced pipeline numbers will be lower. For them, the numbers are likely between 5% to 20% of the overall pipeline number. When this happens, marketing's role is different and measurement should be different too. via SiriusDecisions ...

vendor MDF funds for channel partners

3 Times You Should Seek Vendor MDF Funds.

Market Development Funds (MDF) offered by vendors to their channel partners is about more than just having access to money to fund your lead generation and go to market campaigns. It's about the partnership that develops between you and your vendor to help you grow your business.  via ChannelE2E ...

SMB Client Requirements Reshaping MSP Market

How Changing SMB Client Requirements Are Reshaping the MSP Market.

There are constant articles, event presentations and webinars on the latest tech trends which Managed Service Providers (MSPs) should be offering to their clients. These run the gamut from identity theft, to cloud computing to mobile device management and securing your firewall.

However, it's important to step back every so often and reassess. What's driving the demand for these things and is that demand real or just hype? It's due to the combined power of both the technology and the desires of today's SMBs (small and mid-size businesses).  Cloud computing, for example, has enabled SMBs to utilize the tech resources previously only available to large enterprises to gain a competitive advantage and grow their business. This is driving what MSPs are selling, how they are selling it and to whom they are selling it. via MSPmentor ...