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social selling is social media with a human touch

Three Tips for Successful Social Selling.

These days, sellers can’t wait for buyers to come to them. Buyers are doing their research online, getting up-to-speed on their options on their own. Sales professionals have to go find those informed, savvy prospects where they are, engage them in conversation, and begin building relationships with them. And engaging with prospects through social media is a great way for your salespeople to do just that. via Microsoft Partner Network Blog ...

stop SaaS churn

Don't Run Your Business into the Ground: 5 Ways to Reduce Your SaaS Churn Rate.

SaaS churn is one of the most common reasons that SaaS companies fail. So what can we do to reduce your SaaS churn rate? Here are some ways. via SaaSAddict ...

mark zuckerberg facebook chat bots

Will Facebook, Microsoft Chat Bot Reinvent MSP Helpdesks?

Chat bots will potentially replace phone calls to businesses. They could even automate conversations between customers and businesses eager to support them. Sure, chat bots sound futuristic. The virtual agents, which leverage artificial intelligence, mimic human conversation. And they’re going mainstream. Watch for them to invade Facebook’s messenger service very soon.  via ChannelE2E ...

cloud computing

Channel Partners Can Help Make Sense of the Cloud.

VARs are sweating the ever-increasing momentum of the cloud. They fear their customers who have relied on their expertise, honest advice and life cycle support no longer need their services. To the contrary.

While channel partners used to speak specifically as an advocate for specific technology options, they must now be able to speak to the consumption models. Think how to connect, where folks are connecting from and what users are connecting to.  via Channelnomics ...

marketing tips

3 Tips for a More Creative Marketing Plan.

Technology changes require that resellers continually update their marketing messaging, which is a topic many solution providers and MSPs prefer to avoid. Although they’re comfortable troubleshooting servers and computers, marketing is a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are three tips you can apply right away.  via ChannelPro Network ...