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channel marketing buyer persona

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Audience Better.

With the rapid evolution in marketing going on today, it’s easy to chase after whatever is new and shiny at the moment and forget about the fundamentals that still support all marketing strategies. In reality, these fundamentals come down to a few very important principles but one stands out among them as the key. It is important to know your audience – inside and out, backwards and forwards.

Without understanding who your audience is and what makes them tick, any marketing strategy will fall flat. Actionable ways to better understand your audience are:

  • Be prepared – research in advance

  • Evaluate the competitive landscape

  • Develop customer personas

  • Personalize involvement with clients

  • Review audience comments and observe their actions

  • Social listening and engagement

  • Create surveys via Marketing Land...

comptia channelcon

CompTIA ChannelCon 2016 Day One.

CompTIA has kicked off its 2016 ChannelCon conference in Hollywood, Florida. Here’s a sampling of Day One developments. They include:

  • A Technology Acquisition

  • MSP Acquisition

  • IoT in the Channel

  • Future Leaders?

  • Beyond HIPAA Compliance

  • All Smiles

  • Mac Management for MSPs

  • Auvik Still Growing via Channel e2e...

what is predictive analytics

Why Marketers Should Embrace Predictive Analytics.

Traditionally, customer segmentation was a great way to better understand who your customers are and what they’ve done in the past in order for you to try and make some guesses as to what they might do in the future. 

Today, predictive analytics gives us the opportunity to analyze large quantities of actual data to segment customer information based on forecasted future trends, probable future actions, and more. Yes, it can actually make predictions about future events. You’ve probably even come across it without knowing it. Amazon’s message “customers who bought this item also bought this…” is using predictive analytics to deliver books, videos, music and other things you might like.

Now you need to embrace predictive analytics for your business. via CMS Wire...

sales funnel

3 Smart Moves that Supercharge Sales Funnels with Content.

One of the most commonly read areas of your company’s website is your blog posts. However, the issue is that lots of business blogs focus on their products and use tons of industry terms that their potential customers don’t understand. It’s not really the engaging content that will get prospects to stick around, check out more of your site and buy.

But, you can establish authority in your area of expertise and build trust while at the same time meet your company’s goal of filling the sales funnel. How? By:

  • Developing a solid funnel

  • Giving your audience a slice of the pie

  • Attracting customers with targeted content

         via Copy Blogger...

B2B marketing video

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Video.

In case you hadn’t noticed, video has quickly taken over the Internet, and with it dramatically changed the behaviors of modern buyers. This is great news for modern marketers.
Cisco estimates that video will be 79 percent of all Internet traffic by 2020. Did you know that 72 percent of 2B customers actually watch video content throughout their entire path to purchase with almost half of them viewing 30 minutes or more while researching a product or service? 

Today, video is actually one of Cisco’s highest opportunity influencers, but it took some hard work to get here. Here’s what they did.   via Oracle...