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negative content trends

How You Can Conquer These Three Negative Content Trends.

As marketers, we tend to focus a lot on business, marketing and industry trends. But how often do we take a hard look at negative trends (yes, there are negative trends)? What are they and why are the trending? They are: content noise, increasing reliance on paid advertising, and channel over-saturation. Here’s how to overcome them.  via MarketingProfs ...

customer experience trends

A Big Trend in Customer Experience (CX): Convenience.

In a competitive world, price, selection, customer service and innovation are critical to a company’s success. But that’s not all. You can also throw convenience onto that list. Many would argue that convenience is part of the customer experience but for some businesses it is actually becoming a sole competitive differentiator.  via ...

measure the performance of your content marketing

How to Measure Performance to Improve Your Content Marketing.

Are you writing content just for the sake of writing content or are you really measuring its effectiveness? Are you asking these questions:

  • How do we know which type of content is the right content for our audience?

  • How can we determine the success of this content?

For most content marketers, it’s a challenge to create an effective content marketing plan that measures and analyzes optimization and conversions. Here’s how to do it.  via Content Marketing Institute ...

content marketing data

3 Reasons Why Data Is Meaningless Without A Story.

Content marketing is a lot like running a restaurant. Even if you have fantastic food, if your restaurant is a dump, most customers won’t even make it through the door to sit down and eat. Today, just having great food or just having a nice looking restaurant is not enough. It’s about the experience – the whole package. The same thing holds true for content marketing. Your data is the food and your story is everything else. It’s important to remember that one can’t function without the other. via SEMrush ...

strategic marketing plan defined

A Strategic Marketing Plan: What It Is And Why You Need One.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal for both sales and marketing is to generate qualified leads - a steady stream of people who are lined up to buy your products and services. But that steady stream doesn’t come with loosey goosey, one off, spray and pray marketing tactics. It comes by developing, implementing and following a strategic marketing plan.  via MSPmentor ...