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cisco data security jobs

Cisco Launches $10M Scholarship Program to Address Security Talent Gap.

In today’s tech centric world, security-focused vendors, partners and clients are challenged to attract and retain qualified employees. In an effort to counteract this trend, Cisco has committed $10 million dollars to help educate the next generation of security professionals. This scholarship program will help those at the beginning of their careers as well as channel partners who meet certain requirements.  via The Channel Company ...

public cloud migration

Cloud Control: How Fast Is The Migration To The Public Cloud, Really?

With all the news about cloud computing, you would think that the speed of businesses moving to the cloud is happening at an incredibly fast rate. But is it really? Cloud monitoring solutions developer, Cloud Cruiser, decided that they would gather hard data on the rate of business migrations to the public cloud. At the April Amazon Web Services Global Summit, attendees were asked to complete a survey, sharing information on their company’s usage, methods and struggles running and operating cloud deployments. Here are the results. via CRN ...

veritas engineer citrix gm and data center venture capitalist peter levine

Venture Capitalist Forecasts Major Changes For The Data Center. [video]

The best venture capitalists and predictors of things to come are those people who have a long history in their industry. Peter Levine certainly has those qualifications, being involved in the transformation of the data center from its beginning. From an engineering position at Veritas to CEO of XenSource and GM of Citrix data center business unit to partner in one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms, Peter is eminently qualified to forecast what’s next in the evolution of the data center.

Where is the data center going? Commoditization of components. Here’s what else Peter has to day.  via CRN ...

cisco and apple channel partners

What The Latest Cisco-Apple Moves Could Mean For Partners.

We’ve known about the friendly relationship that Cisco and Apple have forged but they announced this week more of the specifics of their joint drive to make the Apple operating system a more approachable place for Cisco’s enterprise clients, helping them use the iPhone and iPad to connect with Cisco’s wireless networks. Solution providers are still unsure as to how much technical substance there really is to this partnership but, even if it is more of a sales and marketing play, partners still see a positive upside for themselves. via CRN ...

how to set customer expectations

Cloud 101: Setting Customer Expectations.

Touted as the golden pill that will cure you of all of your IT ills, companies have been pushed into cloud computing. Once encircled by the cloud, many wish they hadn’t been drawn in by all the hype and ultimately look for a way out. When the s@#t hits the fan and the truth sets in for these clients, they’re going to come looking for the person that put them in this situation. Just make certain it isn’t you. via MSPmentor ...