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win loss analyst stu perlmeter

Mastering The Art And Science of The Deal with Win-Loss Analysis. 

Have you ever come out of a critically important meeting feeling great and expecting that the deal you discussed will close? On the flip side, have you ever left a meeting you were unsure of and telling your boss that it was a long shot but your ultimately came out on top with a signed contract?

An expert in Win - Loss Analysis, Stu Perlmeter works with companies to eliminate those blind spots and analyze what’s working to increase your winning percentage. Here are some important insights from Stu on how to close more of those deals. via CustomerThink ...

what is a product innovation platform

IDC: What's A Product Innovation Platform, And Why Does It Matter?

52% of manufacturers who responded to a recent IDC survey on product and innovation disclosed that the most important aspect of product life-cycle management is to be “best in class in product innovation.” So, how is that done with technology? IDC calls it the Product Innovation Platform.  via CRN ...

what is the future of the reseller channel

Tech Talk: The Future of The Channel Is Awesome.

So what’s the future of the channel? There's plenty to look forward to in the channel space, from new technology to fresh ideas from up and coming tech moguls and more. Here more from the associate editor of The VAR Guy.  via The VAR Guy ...

how to stop shadow IT

5 Ways Solution Providers Can Deal with Shadow IT.

Shadow IT is casting an ever widening cloud (no pun intended) over the IT departments of most companies from SMB to enterprise. A survey conducted by Logicalis in Q4, 2015 uncovered that 9 out of every 10 CIOs believe that departments are making line-of-business IT purchasing decisions without their input. With the increased use of technology in line-of-business applications, IT spending is quickly moving from the IT department out across the company. Here are 5 things solution providers should do to maintain control over shadow IT.  via The Channel Company ...

what is a qualified lead

By The Numbers: Lead Qualification at Emerging Companies.

Generating qualified leads is a challenge across all industries and all companies. The definition of a qualified lead is also different from company to company and often between departments like marketing and sales. 35 percent of CMOs at emerging companies say they are challenged with generating high-quality leads. This challenge actually surpasses that of dealing with reduced budgets and prioritizing growth opportunities. Here’s what the data shows in a comparison of lead qualification in companies under $50 million and those between $51 - $250 million in revenue. via SiriusDecisions ...