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msp of the future

What Will The MSP of 2020 Look Like?

The year 2020 is only a few short years away. Are you prepared for what 2020 will offer? What will matter most to business leadership in 2020? Technology change is accelerating and shows no real sign of slowing down. via MSPmentor ...

msp vertical markets

MSP Specialization: 7 Steps to Vertical Market Success.

Specializing in one or more vertical markets comes with big benefits for many MSPs, including a stronger competitive edge and a sure-fire way to fuel consistent growth. Whether you want to reinvent your business this year or make sure your vertical market strategy is on point, take a look at these 7 steps for success.  Via Channele2e ...

distribution account managers

How Should Distribution Account Managers Spend Their Time?

On paper, relationship management is the foundation of a distribution account manager’s job description. In reality, this isn’t exactly the case. A majority of a DAM’s time is actually spent dealing with operational issues, filling the role of foreman in the channel industry, focusing on the nuts and bolts of distribution and coordination rather than high-level partnerships. Consider what would happen if the minutia was eliminated from the equation. With operations and logistics handled, how would your DAMs spend their time? via Channel Partners ...

amazon business service

Amazon Business Service (Not AWS) Attracts 300,000 Customers.

You already know about Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) momentum. Now, take a look at Amazon Business — the online alternative to Staples and Office Depot. Over time, it’s a safe bet the Amazon Business-AWS combo could compete with distributors that sell traditional hardware coupled with cloud services. via Channele2e ...

microsoft channel chief phil sorgen

Top of Mind with Microsoft Channel Chief Phil Sorgen

This edition of The Doyle Report talks to Microsoft’s channel chief, Phil Sorgen, who is in charge of the company’s partner empire, which numbers more than 100,000 worldwide. Sorgen sets the channel strategy for a broad network of diverse partner companies and is responsible for the recruitment, enablement, management and performance of everyone from ISVs to consultants to VARs to MSPs to cloud service providers and more.  via MSPmentor ...