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solution providers recurring revenue

Channel Players Moving Away from Project-based Work - Survey

Solution providers in the U.S. are increasingly looking for longer-term contracts and recurring revenue-generating relationships with customers, while de-emphasizing project-based work.

A recent survey by workflow automation vendor Nintex, found that almost half of respondents said they have added or are currently adding managed services capabilities to their portfolios.  via Channelnomics ...

MSPs exceed SMB customer expectations

3 Ways to Exceed SMB Clients' Expectations.

Being an MSP means you’ve got experience being sandwiched between an angry client and a problem you just can’t fix fast enough. Bottom line: Keeping SMB customers happy means keeping their IT systems functioning reliably. Here are 3 principles to apply.  via ChannelE2E ...

consumerzation of IT

How the Consumerization of IT is Creating New Opportunities for the Channel.

Consumer-driven IT has turned the traditional technology paradigm on its head. Luckily for channel partners, it’s creating new business opportunities, too.  via The VAR Guy ...

enterprise IT customer relationship

What Does It Take to Manage the Enterprise Customer Relationship?

Resource management and communication play important roles in the enterprise customer relationship. How an MSP fosters relationships with enterprises can have a significant impact on its growth.  via MSPmentor ...

understanding customer needs for innovation

How Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation.

The process for understanding and prioritizing children’s different types of needs draws a lot of parallels to understanding customer needs in B2B environments. 

Research on how B2B organizations understand customer needs and apply them to product innovation is currently going on. You can be part of it by participating in a short survey and also learn what product managers and marketers have said in past surveys about understanding the needs of their buyers. via SiriusDecisions ...