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Channelinsider Citrix and Microsoft partnership

Citrix Makes Nice with Microsoft Again.

The friendship between Citrix and Microsoft has historically been a strong one but has cooled over the last few years as a result of differing views on mobile computing. Here's what they're doing now to rebuild their relationship. via Channelinsider ...

MSPmentor In Hurricane Season Talk BDR with Clients

Start of Hurricane Season a Good Time to Talk BDR with Clients.

Whether your in the South worrying about hurricanes, the Mid-West preparing for tornadoes or on the West coast fighting hillside fires, the spring season brings with it natural disasters affecting millions of people across the country. As an MSP, how are you preparing to protect your customers' businesses and their electronic data? Here's how to educate them about data backup and disaster recovery solutions. via MSPmentor ...

Forbes SMAC Marketing

Why Marketers Need A SMAC.

Are you a marketing professional? If so, you should know the term "SMAC." Do you? It's the convergence of four modern marketing forces: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. You need to understand their power and how they work together to be a successful modern marketer.  via Forbes ...

Microsoft Partner Network marketing customization with buyer persona

How to Use Customer Personas to Tailor Your Marketing.

Whether you have a large marketing team or no team at all, an endless pool of money or the smallest of budgets, your goal is to get the most out of every last dollar spent on marketing campaigns. The old spray and pray marketing strategy can quickly waste resources and is no longer acceptable to marketing or corporate management.  Customer personas can help you hone in on your target customers with more focused messaging and campaigns.  Learn how to develop and utilize customer personas.  via Microsoft Partner Network ...

MarTech Advisor mobile advertising

How Advertisers Can Seize the Mobile Moment.

Having shone light on the value of the mobile moment, Forrester has caused companies, industry influencers, marketing firms and others to exploit its value. Advertisers, in an attempt to provide more effective mobile advertising, use mobile moments to better understand and target specific mobile customers. Learn which moments can be real advertising opportunities and which are not.  via MarTech Advisor ...