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Enterprise IT Pros See Most Workloads in Cloud by 2018.

Although it’s all the rage and everyone seems to be jumping on cloud computing bandwagon, small and mid-size companies were the first to take the leap. Now, according to research conducted by 451 Research, the level of enterprise workloads will rise to 60% by the middle of 2018 (compared to 41% today). 

Having gotten over issues around privacy and security in the last few years, enterprises are feeling more confident in sending their information to the cloud.

The research also revealed that 38% of enterprises said they actually have a ‘cloud-first’ policy which requires that they at least consider, if not prioritize, the cloud for all deployments. Learn more.  via Computerworld...

winning customer care

Winning the Expectations Game in Customer Care.

As the old saying goes, the customer is always right. Well, maybe not always, but today’s customers certainly do act like they are, don’t they? And it is today’s technology that helps customers wield actual power over their service and support as well as every company’s goods and services. When customers don’t receive exceptional service, not only do they quickly defect to other companies, they also make their actions public by being vocal on social media.

These increased expectations for exceptional customer care as standard has implications for customer-care organizations across all industries. New manager requirements are twofold: understanding the evolving value and complexity of transactions and, choosing the right level of human interaction and automation for superior service.

To uncover the details of these trends, researchers have surveyed customer-care leaders on the front lines. Here are the results. via McKinsey...

how to price SaaS products

How to Get the Price Right on Your SaaS Product. 

Here is an interesting fact. Patrick Campbell, co-founder and CEO of Price Intelligently, has found that, on average, companies spend a mere eight hours pricing their product. That is eight hours over a company’s lifetime. How is this possible? Isn’t the success of a business based, to a significant degree, on accurately you price your products and services?

Pricing is your SaaS product’s exchange rate, including all of the work that goes into its value. It is critical that Acquisition, Monetization and Retention, the three pillars of business, be included in your analysis. Here’s how to get the pricing right. via  

how to create an email list

How to Build Your Email List: The (Better Than) Ultimate Guide.

In 2014 McKinsey & Company reported that “91% of all U.S. consumers still use e-mail daily, and the rate at which e-mails prompt purchases is … at least three times that of social media … (and) the average order value is also 17% higher."

With all of the changes going on in how we market to customers and how customer respond, surely the value of email marketing has decreased. No it hasn’t. Marketing automation platform GetResponse’s 2016 State of Email mentions, “For every $1 invested, email marketing generates an average return of $38.”

So the next question is, how can we build our email list to make it most successful? Here is the answer broken out into three categories.  via Content Marketing Institute...

what is SaaS CPA

How to Determine Your SaaS Business' Cost of Acquisition.

No new SaaS business can survive without customers and some of these businesses are tempted to convert new customers in any way possible. This makes honing in on an accurate customer acquisition cost, unpredictable at best.

When the customer acquisition cost is measured against the customer lifetime value, you may actually uncover that the revenue earned from each customer is less than originally believed. This could lead to inaccurate budgeting and even more devastating results.
Let’s take a look at how to determine your SaaS business’ cost of acquisition.  via Entrepreneur...