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IT channel management Avnet

Avnet Introduces Mobility Solutions Framework for EMC Partners.

Avnet has introduced a new mobility solution for mid-market customers that links mobile device functionality with both the public cloud and private cloud, reducing risk and cost and addressing critical governance issues. The mobility solution enables Avnet’s EMC partners to offer a practical IT platform that companies can embrace as a foundation for their own mobility service delivery programs.

Since mid-market companies have a deep understanding of their own mobility needs, Avnet worked jointly with EMC and its customer-base to develop this mobility framework based on insights garnered from all three groups and is designed to seamlessly tie together hardware, software, and services.  via ChannelPro Network ...

customer service cloud providers

Customer Service: The Next Challenge for Cloud Providers.

Although all companies say that customer service is important, it is still a relatively new concept for many cloud providers. Traditionally, cloud providers sat in the background, not needing to interact with customers. Today, they are on the front lines of customer engagement and need to communicate effectively. But customer communication swings both ways. The new client–provider relationship requires that both groups understand each other.  via InfoWorld ...

big data marketing

Why a Single View of Your Customer is Vital for Success.

Big data is all the rage and companies are swimming in customer data. Marketing teams are reaching out to customer across multiple channels and platforms but are pulling their hair out with all the decisions they have to make based on the fire hose of data that’s coming in from all around them.

A single customer view would provide an easily accessible, consistent, and quickly actionable collection of data on how your customer has interacted with your company. Here are the benefits of a single customer view.  via Oracle ...

MSP monthly recurring revenue

6 Revenue Metrics to Watch in Recurring Revenue Businesses.

As more VARs and other solution providers transition into the world of the MSP, they’re wading into unchartered territory. In changing the way they do business, developing metrics around a recurring revenue model will be critical.  Using the standard formula to calculate profitability will no longer be sufficient. In a recurring revenue model, specific metrics will help give you a greater appreciation for the health of your business and enhance the way you make decisions in the future. Here are 6 metrics to help you successfully make the transition to a monthly recurring revenue business model.  via The VAR Guy ...

phishing attacks

3 Ways Phishing Destroys Marketing ROI.

You’ve probably never thought about the fact that there is a direct correlation between phishing attacks and a reduction in marketing ROI. Marketing professionals live by their KPIs (key performance indicators) to justify their worth. For most marketers, email is a key component of their marketing strategy, often driving the most leads, conversions, and revenue. Regrettably, this precious marketing channel is also the least secure. Here are 3 ways that phishing attacks can wipe out your marketing ROI and the steps you can take to prevent it.  via Marketing Land ...