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advertising tracking service

New Ad Tracking Software is Like Legal Insider Trading.

Here's a question: How is insider trading like advertising and how can you do it legally? 

Wall Street professionals are showing interest in the latest investment tool. It's an advertising tracking service promising to correctly predict whether companies will beat or miss forecasts on quarterly results.  via New York Post ...

cmo drive business growth

Can the CMO Drive Growth?

It goes without saying that the goal of all VP's of Marketing and CMOs is to establish and sustain a record of growth. In fact, the goal of increasing revenue is even more important for marketing leaders at start-ups.  So, how do you go about doing this? You concentrate on these three things.  via CMO Essentials ...

tech vendor buyer experience

How SMBs Feel Tech Vendors Can Improve the Buying Experience.

Small and mid-size businesses are letting tech vendors know how they can improve their customers' business experience. What's leading the way? A consistent cross-channel experience so consumers know what to expect and know what they'll. Clearly verbalize how the product or service will help improve the customer's business goals. Here's the rest of the list. via Marketing Charts ...

online influencers

Are You Targeting the Wrong Online Influencers?

It is a fact that consumers listen to their family members, close friends and business colleagues when evaluating brands. Does this apply online too? If you think that high profile celebrity endorsements and well known personalities are the key to selling products, think again. Today's consumers are more shrewd than you may think.  via Marketing Tech ...

email subject lines

The 10 Best (And Worst) Performing Words in Email Subject Lines.

The first hurdle you have to get over when conducting an email campaign is to get the recipient to open the email. So what subject lines will help you do that? Start by saying "thank you."  via MarketingProfs ...