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Facebook advertising

Revenue, Targeting & Distribution: Stats You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising in 2015 [Infographic].

Facebook is always experimenting with new advertising platforms to engage its user base. And it's no wonder the company is currently working hard on mobile advertising opportunities: Out of the estimated 1.39 billion current monthly Facebook users, 1.19 billion of them use Facebook on their mobile devices.

Optimizing for mobile is only one way Facebook is adapting their advertising platform to help businesses target today's consumer.  via HubSpot ...

Twitter mobile ad network

Twitter Opens Up Its Mobile Ad Network, Introduces Video.

The social network last year began letting a select group of clients buy ad campaigns that would run on its own service and across third-party apps in its MoPub mobile advertising exchange. Now, the company says it’s allowing all advertisers with dedicated account managers at Twitter to extend their campaigns outside of the social network if they wish. It’s also renaming the product the “Twitter Audience Platform.”   via The Wall Street Journal ...

mobile startups

Here Are 4 Intriguing Mobile Startups That Got Cash Infusions This Week.

It’s no surprise that investment firms are bullish on mobile upstarts, but a series of recent funding moves reveals the smartphone-driven companies marketers should keep an eye on.  via Adweek ...

oracle marketing maxymiser

Why Oracle Just Bought a Marketing Company Called Maxymiser.

Oracle wanted Maxymiser because of a big trend going on at big companies. Chief Marketing Officers now command huge budgets for tech and software. By 2017, CMOs are expected to outspend CTOs on tech, so software companies like Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe are going after this market with a vengeance.  via Business Insider ...