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marketing ROI of internal website search

The Value and Incremental ROI of Internal Site Search.

Any endeavor in digital marketing these days requires a demonstration of return on investment (ROI) before you can hope to get the CFO to loosen the purse strings. The business case must be made. Your internal site search capabilities are no exception.  via ...

marketing cross channel efforts on customer journey

How Cross Channel Efforts are Evolving (Infographic).

In survey of nearly 1,000 ecommerce professionals, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Econsultancy found more and more marketers are prioritizing orchestrating efforts across channels. Still, less than half surveyed understand their customers’ journeys or have measured the impact of integrated efforts.  via Entrepreneur ...

customer data is changing marketing segmentation

How an Abundance of Data is Changing Segmenting.

These days, customer data is about as ubiquitous as air or water. With the right technology in place, marketers can know most everything about shoppers, and those who they want to become customers. As a result, consumer culture has shifted, marketers have adapted, and they continue to experiment in an attempt to leverage thousands of gigabytes of data. But as that customer data continues to grow so too does the catch-22 nature of that data.  via Direct Marketing News ...

data driven marketing

Data-Driven Marketing: With New Solutions Come New Challenges.

According to eMarketer, digital marketers have a “love affair with data.” Spend on data-driven campaigns continues to grow annually, along with profits attributable to those same initiatives. It’s undeniable that data intelligence has made marketing overall smarter, better, and more valuable than ever before.

But innovations that bring great improvement also spawn new challenges. As data has plugged gaps to optimize traditional ways of doing things, marketers must now navigate a new set of data-driven dilemmas to ensure success. via VentureBeat ...

facebook is testing a siri like personal assistant

Facebook is Testing M, a Siri-Like Personal Assistant Within Messenger.

Facebook announced today that it is working on a personal assistant service called M. The service within Facebook’s Messenger application will answer user queries and provide recommendations for gifts for friends, places to dine, et cetera.

That’s territory already covered by rival personal assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana or Google’s Google Now, but Facebook says M take it several steps farther and actually complete tasks for users.  via Marketing Land ...