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marketers most effective customer lifecycle

[Marketing Survey] Where Do Marketers Feel They're Most Effective in the Customer Lifecycle?

Marketers are confident in their effectiveness in the awareness (69%) and consideration (59%) stages of the customer lifecycle, but these ratings drop as the lifecycle progresses, with fewer than one-third believing they are effective in the advocacy stage. That’s according to results from a Demand Metric survey, which finds little investment in the latter stages of the journey.  via MarketingCharts ...

closed loop marketing

Harnessing the Power of Closed-Loop Marketing in 3 Easy Steps.

Closed-loop marketing hinges on the ability to track a user across multiple touch-points until they come to your site and buy something, enabling you to tie their visitor ID (a browser cookie) back to previous sessions when they were anonymous.

Ongoing marketing messaging then seeks to maintain a relationship with that customer, hopefully adding value and enticing them to return to your site and complete another action. You’ve created, in essence, a closed loop that goes from initial contact through to conversion, and then indefinitely – as long as the customer finds value in your messaging, products, and brand. This isn’t easy – but it doesn’t have to be confusing.  via Chief Marketer ...

cmo cto relationship

[CMO/CTO Study] New Study Uncovers Dissonance in CMO/CTO.

CMOs and CTOs are on different pages about their companies’ digital marketing goals, according to Leapfrog Marketing Institute’s “2015 CMO Digital Benchmark Study.”

The study, now in its seventh year, examined trends in marketers’ use of mobile, omnichannel, and overall digital marketing capabilities. For the first time, it also looked at the relationship between the CMO and CTO.  via ...

internet of things for consumers

[Report] ADI 'Digital Trends Report 2015': IoT is A-Ok with Consumers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming entrenched in consumers’ daily habits, according to new analysis by Adobe Digital Index (ADI). Indeed, IoT’s growth is evolving the way consumers browse and navigate online, due, in large part, to the use of smartphones to access content. This opens up new opportunities for marketers in location-based marketing and their use of search advertising. via ...

b2b buyer personas

B2B Buyer Personas: Top Challenges, Tactics and Uses.

B2B marketers tend to agree that most employees in their organization cannot name the company's buyer personas and don't know the key attributes of those personas, according to a recent report from Cintell, MarketingProfs, and five other partners.

Only 29% of survey respondents say at least half their organization can describe the buyer personas that have been developed; just 8% think at least three-quarters of their organization can do so.  via MarketingProf ...