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ceos make mobile first a priority

How to Convince Your CEO to Make Mobile-First a Priority.

Folding in a mobile-first strategy is a longer-term initiative, so it often takes a back seat to immediate revenue goals. Your CEO has to understand that engagement is the name of the game with a mobile-first strategy.

Where do most companies fall on their mobile journey? Adobe’s 2015 Digital Trends report found that 75 percent of organizations either had a mobile marketing strategy or were in the midst of planning one. However, only 30 percent agreed or strongly agreed that mobile was central to their enterprise marketing strategy.  via ...

native advertising on the internet

FTC Issues New Rules for Native Advertising on the Internet.

The Federal Trade Commission has unveiled its rules for how native advertising on the Internet has to look, spelling out what qualifies as deceptive and what doesn’t.

The FTC’s “Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements” is a wonky 16-page document that fundamentally affirms what the FTC has already said about deceptive advertising more generally. via Re/code ...

cx management

Three Trends that will Change CX Management.

In 2016, three significant trends will emerge that will force businesses to manage the customer experience with an outside-in perspective. What are they? via ...

big data digital transformation

The Role Big Data Plays in Digital Transformation.

Instead of using small focus groups and general demographics to extrapolate target market activities, modern companies can now access specific information about employees and customers, helping fine tune marketing and sales, and drive increased ROI. Big data can help businesses solve almost every problem with a working, research driven solution.

But, for many organizations, “big data” is a scary term. Where does the info come from? How do I translate such a massive and ever changing data set into usable information?  via Forbes ...

strategy to execution

5 Ways to Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap.

In an ongoing global survey of senior executives, more than half of the respondents said they didn’t think their company had a winning strategy, and two-thirds said they didn’t think their organization had the right capabilities to execute its strategy. Baffled by these findings, we set out to find and study examples of extraordinary companies that close the gap between strategy and execution. via Harvard Business Review ...