Week of December 28, 2015-January 2, 2016.

ad blocking 20 Most-Read Articles for 2015 - From Ad Blocking to Gen Z.

We present’s 20 most-read stories from 2015. They represent many content “types”: interviews, features and news articles, analyses, slide shows, stats compilations, and infographics. And, they cover a range of topics that mattered most to marketers this year: leadership and C-suite issues, mobile and social, ad blocking, and customer experience, to name a handful. via

tech driven marketing skills

Technology-Driven, Must-Have Marketing Skills.

As marketing technology advances, marketing leaders must ensure that they have the right people and processes to get the most from their tech investments. Today, “right” often translates to adaptable. For marketers, this means continual advancement in the skills they need to excel at their job. For processes, adaptable may mean flexible or even transformative. Here's a deeper dive into how tech drives the people and inner workings of many modern, evolving companies.  via Direct Marketing News

marketing automation

3 Trending Advancements in Marketing Automation.

According to a Forrester report, 58% of all top performing companies use marketing automation software to aid their marketing efforts. Clearly, we’re well on our way to standardizing the use of marketing automation. With that mind, we’ve determined to go one step further than all of the other articles out there. We want to know, what are the consequences of marketing automation and how will they affect the average marketer?  via Social Media Explorer

mobile marketing challenges

5 Mobile Marketing Challenges to Expect in 2016.

During 2015, time spent on mobile media surpassed that spent on desktops. Mobile marketing strategies have grown in response to this shift. As we look ahead to 2016, mobile marketing watchers are expecting several trends.  via Entrepreneur

internet of things

Internet of Things Brandishes Possibilities, Challenges for Marketers in 2016.

The Internet of Things is poised to hit its stride in 2016, giving marketers greater insight in connecting to consumers with significant data gathered from mobile devices, but the challenge will be how to best leverage the information.  via Mobile Marketer

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