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marketing agility and stability

Agility: It Rhymes with Stability

Why do established companies struggle to become more agile? No small part of the difficulty comes from a false trade-off: the assumption by executives that they must choose between much-needed speed and flexibility, on the one hand, and the stability and scale inherent in fixed organizational structures and processes, on the other.  via McKinsey & Company ...

CMO trends

Predictions 2016: 7 Trends Set to Drive the CMO Role.

The role of CMO has been through significant change over the past two years and 2016 is shaping up to be no less transformative, according to industry experts. And if marketing leaders play their cards right, and get their customer and executive connections ducks in order, it should be an even bigger year for them in terms of corporate influence. Here, we highlight 7 key trends predicted to drive the role of CMO in the New Year.  via CMO Australia ...

b2b customer experience differentiators

[B2B Study] B2B Execs See Customer Experience as Key Differentiator for New Market.

Two-thirds of B2B professionals around the world agree that new entrants to the industry use customer experience as their key differentiator, and almost 6 in 10 agree that typically these companies are better at providing positive customer experiences than traditional players in the industry. That’s according to an Accenture Strategy study of 1,350 B2B customer experience, sales and service executives around the world.  via Marketing Charts ...

cmo skills in digital marketing era

[Marketing Study] 7 Skills CMOs Need in the Digital Marketing Era.

This week, BCG introduced a study on Agile Marketing Organizations with a focus on the changing role of CMO’s — the top marketing honcho in most organizations — and the expanded view of marketing in organizations.

Today’s marketing organization needs to be agile, which means the CMO needs a vastly broader skill set then in the past.  via NewsCred ...

leverage data as loyalty

Customer Loyalty Part 2: How to Leverage Data to Boost Loyalty.

According to retail software provider, CitiXsys, capturing transactional information as well as organizing data to gain genuine insights into customer spending habits are essential practices for anyone trying to secure robust customer loyalty.

Learn how big data tracking and customer insights are being used as part of modern customer loyalty programs and communications. via CMO Australia ...