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art of marketing

Is Marketing More Art or Science? (Part 2: The Artists)

CMOs have grown their businesses through highly innovative campaigns.  Hear from 5 of them on their success. via ...

customer experience

How to Keep Courting Subscribers After They've Lost that Loving Feeling.

Attracting customers is like wooing a romantic partner. You pull out all the stops in the beginning but once you’ve made it official and those prospects become paying customers, the relationship starts to wane.  They’d never think of leaving you, would they?  via ...

business strategy not social media strategy

Why You Need a Business Strategy, Not A Social Strategy.

Although the need to engage with social media in business is undeniable, it’s easy to miss the bigger picture in all this: your business goals. Your business strategy should come first; your social media strategy should follow. Here’s why.  via Convince & Convert ...

role of the cmo

The Multiple Roles of the 21st Century CMO.

Today’s CMOs are asked to be proficient marketers, build bridges across multiple business functions, keep up with rapidly evolving technology and trends, and deliver consistency across the entire customer experience. They must play five crucial roles for their organization to deliver extraordinary leadership.  via Deloitte Digital ...

influencer content marketing

Influencer Content Marketing: The Art of Relationships and the Science of Software.

Much of influencer marketing is about advocacy and as the industry matures and includes more digital marketing intentions than PR, influencers will be viewed more as partners than simple proxies for message distribution.  via TopRank Marketing ...