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How to Achieve Great PR When Your Product is a Service.

In all the PR ideas entrepreneurs bring forward, most involve products. We’ve seen themed tacos, men’s underclothes and baby vests. But now it’s time to talk about the promotion of service. via Forbes ...

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The CMO Survey: Understanding Marketing Today and Tomorrow.

Respondents expect overall marketing spend to increase by 6.9% in the next 12 months, driven by a digital marketing spend increase of 13.2% and despite a 3.2% decrease in spend on traditional advertising. Only 3.5% of respondents rate their companies as very effective in integrating customer information across purchasing, communication and social media channels. Over 30% of leaders surveyed can prove the long-term impact of their marketing quantitatively. These are just 3 of the key findings of the latest CMO Survey.  via Deloitte Digital ...

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SEO Has Evolved to Search 'Experience' Optimization.

The last few years, search engines such as Google, Bing, and even Apple, have been upgrading their algorithms and machine learning processes to account for the end-user’s experience. So, what does this mean for companies, marketers, and website owners when it comes to their SEO?  via Forbes ...

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10 Critical Best Practices for Native Advertising.

Native advertising is one of the fastest growing sectors of digital advertising, but also one of the least understood. The market for native is expected to reach almost $14 billion in 2016. In order to understand how to make the most of your native advertising dollars you first need to understand the three different segments of native advertising.  via iMedia Connection ...

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How to Map Your Marketing Content for Multichannel Promotion.

Marketers need to create a continuous narrative for their brand that resonates with audiences. But how can you best achieve this? Your audience is many places at once and you need a multichannel promotional strategy that continuously provides fresh content over time.  via PR Newswire ...