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social media marketing

10 Proven Strategies to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved Now.

Do you have the best social media marketing plan but not the budget to implement it? This podcast will discuss 10 proven strategies to get your social media budget approved now.  via Social Media Today ...

internet of things

With the Internet of Things Looming, the IAB Creates Data Center for Excellence.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau wants the digital marketing community to be well-positioned on all areas of data—from best practices and management to privacy and transparency. So, it has announced the IAB Data Center for Excellence.  via Adweek ...

cio cmo ceo strategy

CIOs Gain C-Suite Influence.

Today’s technology driven companies are requiring CIOs to move beyond transactional interactions to being more strategic, responsible for the company’s digital transformation and innovation.  via Gartner ...

sales content checklist

Content and the Revenue Connection.

Let’s take a new look at content creation. Do you have content that maps to the buyer’s journey for the personas, products and services that generate the most revenue for your organization? That’s where you should be focused.   via SiriusDecisions ...

digital drives marketing

Digital Drives Marketers to Re-Evaluate Vendor Management Strategies.

Vendors have always played a critical role in defining the success of a business. However, in today’s increasingly fast-paced environment, digital tools and technologies have boosted the stakes and introduced far more complex intersection points with agencies, service providers, and other third parties.  via ...