Week of January 4-9, 2016.

content marketing for b2b business blog

30 Days of New Content Ideas for Your Business Blog. [Infographic]

How do you keep your prospects and website visitors coming back for more? Here are new information and ideas to ensure your readers stay interested, informed and engaged. via Impact Branding & Design

brand architecture brand value

Brand Architecture's Impact on Brand Value.

How is brand architecture different than brand value and is there a cost or benefit of one over the other? Brand architecture rarely has a benefit that is cost-free or a no-foul cost. On the other hand, brand value is based on the net effect of an activity. Are the benefits worth more than the costs of getting those benefits or are cost-saving initiatives doing more harm than good?  via Brand Strategy Insider

maximize customer experience

50 Thought Provoking Customer Experience Stats in 10 Categories.

Marketing is always in a state of flux but it seems that over the last few years it has seen a complete revolution - almost like marketing has been blown up and and we're all starting over from scratch. The Internet of Things, use of mobile devices and customers who are now calling the shots are just a few forces creating this tsunami that's reshaping the business landscape.  via Maximize Social Business

cmo marketing strategy

In 2016, Marketing Leaders Resolve To...

The beginning of any new year is a great time for CMOs of small, mid-size and large companies alike to take a step back and reassess what they're doing and where they're taking their businesses. It's time to shed activities that no longer work, ramp up current campaigns that are producing and try new opportunities. Interviews of marketing leaders across multiple industries has resulted in the top 20 marketing ideas published by  via

marketing to reporters

3 Ways to Build Relationships with Reporters.

What's old is new again when it comes to dealing with the press. The old fashioned face-to-face meeting with a reporter is still the most important component of a successful media pitch. Here are 3 tips to land the coverage you've been trying to get. via PR Daily

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