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customer experience

Create A Breakthrough Customer Experience At The Moment Of Impact.

There’s no shortage of talk: Marketers, retailers, customer service organizations, and other customer-focused executives can go on and on about breaking down organizational barriers that stand in the way of an efficient customer experience. Yet what does “breaking down barriers” really mean? What problems would breaking down barriers among channels solve? What are the desired outcomes?  via ...

live chat

Live Chat As Conversion Accelerator?

Live Chat can be a very valuable ingredient of a webshop’s customer service strategy- whether you sell in one or multiple countries. The online retail environment is shaped by tech-enabled consumers who make fast-paced decisions based on instant gratification of their needs. Quickly finding an answer to their questions and problems is crucial in the process of making a purchase decision. Live Chat serves as a business accelerating tool because it helps increasing conversion by satisfying and retaining the customer.  via Digital Doughnut ...

predictive intelligence solution

How To Pick A Predictive Intelligence Solution.

It’s no secret that data has made the world we marketers live in fundamentally different. There’s no excuse for “spray and pray” because data should render these marketing inefficiencies a thing of the past.  But while it’s true that data has the power to simplify the complexities of sales and marketing, using it effectively requires the right tools and understanding.   via ...

Facebook advertisers

Facebook has caved to advertisers and is finally letting them buy video the way they used to in the 1950s.

Facebook is opening up a new option for advertisers to buy video ads on the news feed in an incredibly arcane way — by using Gross Rating Points (GRPs) — for the first time in a bid to capture a larger proportion of advertiser's TV budgets. The social network has contacted advertisers and their agencies to inform them it will begin testing the new capability over the next couple of months.   via Business Insider ...

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn: Display Dips, But Total Marketing Revenue Climbs 32%.

The flurry of marketing tools that LinkedIn rolled out last year is paying off for its ad business, said CEO Jeff Weiner during the company’s Q2 earnings call.
Its Marketing Solutions business grew 32% in the second quarter to $140 million.

With 52% of all traffic to LinkedIn coming from mobile, the platform saw a staggering 30% dip in display ad revenue year over year, as CFO Steve Sordello noted a focus on native content marketing and lead generation.   via AdExchange ...