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AdMobilize Unveils Its Newest Real-World Analytics So Advertisers Can 'Pay-Per-Face'.

“Pay-per-face” and “pay-per-look” have been trademarked by Miami-based AdMobilize, which expands its presence in the emerging market of “Google Analytics for the real world.”  The company is releasing version 2.0 of its AdBeacon device and accompanying software.

While the smartphone-sized device has an iBeacon inside it, that’s not all. It also has GPS, a 5-megapixel camera, a Linux computer board, and “advanced facial detection.”  Despite the name, the AdBeacon platform does not operate as a beacon, but as a detector of real-world customers.  via VentureBeat ...

app messaging

Only 33% of App Marketers Use In-App Messaging, but They Get 3.5X Higher Retention.

Only a third of app marketers are currently using in-app messaging but that could change soon if the other two-thirds find out that apps that use in-app messaging tend to get 3.5 times better retention.

A 3.5-times better retention rate adds up to a 50 percent third-month retention of new users — solid numbers in the cutthroat and fast-moving app industry, where people will often install an app, only to use it once or twice and then delete it. via VentureBeat ...

salesforce customer

Salesforce Customer and Partner Momentum Accelerates in Germany, Creating Positive Impact on German Economy.

Salesforce focuses on European expansion with Germany at its core:

  • Salesforce will create a positive economic impact in Germany, with IDC forecasting more than €2.9 billion of GDP impact and 17,000 new jobs by 2018.

  • Salesforce’s European data center in Germany will open in August 2015 to support German and European customers.

  • Salesforce will expand its German offices.

  • Leading German customers including Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetranke AG, Deutsche Post and Koenig & Bauer will join Salesforce on stage at Salesforce World Tour Munich.

  • Salesforce Foundation will support STEM programming in Germany and Europe with $200,000 grant and volunteer drive to run coding clubs for young people through CoderDojo. via PR Newswire ...

marketing technology companies

USD 1.02 Billion Invested in Marketing Technology Companies in April - June 2015

The investments made by venture capital firms into Martech companies in the April-June 2015 quarter continue to match those from the Jan-March 2015 quarter and hover at the USD 1 Billion mark.  The category that saw the maximum investment was Content, and specifically within it, the Content Marketing category, and Dashboards in the Analytics category.
via MarTech Advisor ...

omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel Remains Omnipresent for Department Stores

Ecommerce sales are still less than 15% of revenues for most department stores in the retail sector, but many that have taken steps toward digital-physical integration are starting to see their work pay off, according to a new eMarketer report.

The persistent industry buzzword “omnichannel” has taken many forms across sectors, and department stores have been at the forefront of attempting to use traditional spaces as a value add rather than a detriment when competing against online pure plays.  via eMarketer ...