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email and social media strategies

Benefits of Integrating Your Email and Social Media Strategies

When it comes to audience building, personalized communication and sharing information quickly and efficiently, not much beats email and social media. In fact, at the end of 2014, a survey of business leaders showed that social and email would be these two channels would be the most likely to see an increase in investment in 2015; social media is predicted to grow as a channel by around 37%, and email is expected to jump from 3% growth to nearly 10% in 2015, thanks in large part to improved personalization.  via ReachMail ...

loyal customer rewards

Would Loyal Customers Pay for Rewards?

Are your customers loyal enough to pay for the privilege of using your rewards program? The answer may be yes, based on May 2015 research from LoyaltyOne. The loyalty services firm found that 62% of US internet users would pay to join a rewards program if their favorite retailer had a paid loyalty offer.  via eMarketer ...

mobile email

Email Is Eating Mobile.

With more people reading emails on mobile devices than desktop, it's imperative for email marketers to think mobile-first, or risk missing out on a lot of possible transactional value.   via ClickZ ...

Google mobile buy button

Google Parades New Shopping Ads Products, Testing Mobile Buy Button.

During a Google Shopping presentation for press at the company’s New York headquarters Wednesday, the search behemoth rolled out a slate of new mobile shopping features.
They include: Shopping Ads for Best Queries, which lists results for products based on online reviews; Google Now Price Drop card, an ad unit that alerts users when the price has dropped on an item they searched for; and Google Now In-Store Cards, an ad unit that surfaces information about nearby stores, like hours of operation and available deals for loyalty club members.   
via AdExchanger ...

who are social media influencers

Getting a Sharper Picture of Social Media’s Influence.

New research shows that buzz plays a greater role than previously thought in getting consumers to buy and that the pool of the most effective influencers is largely untapped.   via McKinsey&Company ...