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CMO marketing cloud technology

BMA15: CMO, Vendors Debate Marketing Cloud Technology.

CMOs and marketing automation vendors debated the challenges and opportunities for marketing cloud technology, and while they didn't agree on much (not even the definition of "marketing cloud"), one thing was clear -- marketing cloud technology is complex, and it still has a long way to go in the b-to-b world.  via AdvertisingAge ...

Amazon Cloud Fake Web Traffic

Fraudsters Use Amazon’s Cloud to Create Fake Web Traffic.’s cloud computing service has become a popular conduit for fraudsters looking to create “bot” traffic and disseminate it over the Web, according to new research from advertising fraud detection firm Fraudlogix.  via The Wall Street Journal ...


Measure Social ROI

Report: Marketers Still Struggle to Measure Social ROI

Social media is becoming increasingly entrenched into business practices. What may have seemed like a passing fad has become more sophisticated in the last few years, with companies integrating social into every aspect of business from customer service to market research. Still, with social is not without its challenges and pitfalls.

To get a better idea of the challenges businesses face with their use of social media, SimplyMeasured commissioned TrustRadius to conduct a survey. 600 social media marketers responded to the survey, answering questions about their social media goals and what their biggest challenges are.  via Adweek ...

Google Larry Page

Google's Larry Page was asked whether he was worried about the rise of ad blockers — here's what he said.

Consumer use of ad blockers is on the rise, and new ad-blocking tools — including a new ad-blocking browser and a carrier-backed plan to block ads right at the source (or the data centers) before they even reach a customer's smartphone — have been announced in recent months.

The increasing popularity of ad blockers is an existential threat to companies such as Google that make most of their revenue by selling ads.

Surprisingly, here’s what Page had to say…    via Business Insider ...

Samsung Marc Mathieu

Samsung Hires Unilever's No. 2 Marketer Marc Mathieu

The move to hire Mathieu is the latest in a series of consumer packaged goods hires by the tech giant.  via AdvertisingAge ...