Week of June 22-27, 2015.

McDonalds marketing

McDonald's Targets Hipsters with Its Burger Bike Tote

With millions of young millennials around the world who use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation, McDonald's has figured out how to help cyclists transport their fast food meals. For its newest ad campaign, the burger-slinging chain partnered with global ad agency Tribal to design a new form of packaging made specifically for people on two wheels.  via Wired

mobile marketing

15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Mobile Marketing

Findings demonstrate that the rules to mobile engagement have changed over time, as consumer consumption habits have shifted. Mobile devices aren't just used on the go anymore. Consumers are browsing at home as well, while watching TV.

Unilever Foundry

Unilever to Crowdsource Sustainability Innovation from Consumers.

Unilever is crowdsourcing sustainability ideas from consumers as the latest phase of its Foundry initiative to connect the business to entrepreneurial ideas.

The company unveiled the Foundry IDEAS platform at the Cannes Lions festival on June 26 and it will act as a hub for consumers and entrepreneurs to work together to tackle sustainability challenges. The peer-to-peer mechanic is an extension of the one behind existing Foundry initiative.
via The Drum

Facebook video views

Facebook Video Views Gaining on YouTube [study]

Although YouTube is still the clear video sharing leader, on track to deliver 3 trillion video views this year, Facebook is catching up with a projected 2 trillion views through the end of this year, according to a recent study. 
via ClickZ

AOL CMO Allie Kline

'Ad Blocking Will Become an Attribution Opportunity' - says AOL CMO Allie Kline While Unveiling Post Verizon-Buyout Marketing Road Map

Verizon’s acquisition of AOL will create a media and ad tech powerhouse which can take on the likes of Google, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon, and will help fortify it against the rise in ad blocking, according to AOL’s chief marketing officer (CMO) Allie Kline.

“We have laid a foundation to be extremely competitive with Google and Facebook. We have had to pick and choose more what we have prioritized because we weren’t of the size of Google and Facebook. So this acquisition gives us all the backing we need to go aggressively after the aims that we set,” she said.  via The Drum

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