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When This Company Followed The Same Simple Marketing Strategy As Amazon And Apple, It Beat The Odds.

We've known the technology employment website, Dice, for the last 20 years. But even after all that time, they're still turning heads and blowing up headlines with an innovative marketing campaign that put programmers in their underwear on billboards. Think Calvin Klein but with humorous geeky types.  via Forbes ...

Mobile Video marketing

Pandora Exec Says 8 Seconds Could Be the Sweet Spot for Mobile Video.

Last year, music site Pandora launched Sponsored Listening. This is an advertising format that lets consumers listen to one hour of ad-free music in exchange for watching a short video promo. These videos are at least 15 seconds long and can run up to two-and-a-half minutes. But, it's no surprise that getting people to pay attention for even 15 seconds is tough, causing Pandora exec John Trimble to make the case for eight-second pre-roll.  via Adweek ...

Gartner customer experience

Gartner Says Organizations Are Changing Their Customer Experience Priorities.

Gartner’s newly released customer experience report examines the most popular CX projects that were implemented in 2014 and the shifting priorities for 2015. Leading CX priorities for 2015 are projects aimed at improving consistency across channels and acting as one unified organization.  
via Gartner ...

AppNexus marketing ads

AppNexus launches the age of bring-your-own-algorithms for ads.

In digital advertising, real-time bidding makes on-the-fly pricing decisions about a handful of factors determined by the platform, like geographical region or time of day. Digital ad platform AppNexus has now modified its platform to accept custom algorithms from advertisers — so that pricing decisions could be driven by anything the advertiser wants.  via VentureBeat ...

tech data reseller marketing portal

Tech Data Launches Reseller Marketing Portal.

Tech Data has announced the launch of their new marketing portal offering resellers no-cost access to customizable, automated marketing campaigns.  The portal arms solution providers with an easy-to-use resource for implementing marketing initiatives and expanding their businesses.  via Tech Data ...

Local ID marketing intelligence platform

Local ID raises seed round to identify local marketing opportunities for big companies.

Local ID is the first local intelligence platform designed to solve the marketing challenges of large multi-location companies like Starbucks and Walmart. The company has developed a cloud-based platform that puts all of a big company’s local marketing efforts in one place, stores knowledge that would otherwise reside with one local employee and establishes best practices that can be used throughout the operation. The product aggregates more than a billion real-time data points — things like local events, what competitors are up to, even weather — and then custom curates brand opportunities for individual stores.  via L.A. Biz ...