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marketing conversion rate optimization

Customer Journey Analysis, A Rising Force in Conversion Rate Optimization.

Customer journey analysis is on track to become one of the most commonly used methods to improve conversion rates, and is now rated the most valuable method by users, according to the latest annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report from Econsultancy and RedEye.  via MarketingCharts ...

Meerkat Marketing fad

Just Another Fad?

At a time when social networks and apps are integral to every brand’s marketing strategy, the latest trend for early adopters is the demand for live video broadcast applications.

Companies such as Meerkat and Periscope are waging a war to be the first integrated live streaming platform on social networks. But will this be just another fad, or a strong marketing tool for brands in the future?  via The Economist Group ...

cmo marketing customer experience

How to Invest in Customer Experience in 2016.

The holiday online shopping season requires intense focus by marketers, and not just on the daily sales report. On the one hand, it’s “head’s down” to deliver on financial goals by year end. It’s when many companies make or break their numbers and the clock is ticking. On the other hand, it’s still “head’s up” to optimize the pre-and post-sale customer experience in a way that builds a profitable, competitive business for the long term.

This tension between short- and long-term thinking needs active management year-round. The Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2015-2016 uncovered two insights that should guide how marketers approach customer experience.  via Gartner ...

ad blocking

What CMOs Should Know About Ad Blockers: From What They Are To What’s At Stake.

Ad blockers have been around for some time now, but they reached an unprecedented level of attention this year when Apple rolled out its iOS 9 update in September, enabling ad blocking on mobile devices via its default Safari browser.

Apple’s release catapulted advertisers’ concerns around ad blocking to new heights, with many CMOs and top-level marketing executives just recently entering the conversation and discovering what’s at stake.

Here’s a ‘cheat sheet’ to better understand what ad blockers are, the content they block, and how they may impact a brand’s overall advertising strategy.  via Marketing Land ...

great digital marketing

What Optimization Leaders Are Doing (And You Should Be Doing, Too).

How do the top minds in digital marketing operate?  What are they doing to separate themselves and their companies from the rest of the pack? Here are 5 habits that have lead them to success.  via Marketing Land ...