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marketing and pr align

Marketing's New Secret Weapon: PR.

When Jamie DePeau took charge as senior VP and CMO of Lincoln Financial Group, the company’s marketing and PR functions were not exactly aligned.

DePeau sought to change that and, in the process, alter the DNA of the brand’s overall marketing strategy.  via ...

creative and marketing teams align

Study: ‘Frustrating’ The Word For Marketer-Creatives Relationship.

A new study by Visually shows that collaboration is a key issue for marketers and creatives, but poor communication between them is hampering that process.

More than 60% of the content marketers and creatives surveyed said they believe they could work better together if it weren’t for poor communication. Most often cited among the culprits: lack of timely and consistent feedback; ill-defined and -executed creative briefs; and a shortage of creative team staffing. In the end, “frustrating” was the word they most commonly used when they were asked to describe their relationships.  via ...

how to improve social customer service

4 Ways to Improve Your Social Customer Service.

As consumer behavior evolves with new technology, so must the businesses that serve them. Every customer service department needs to adapt and to not only be present on social media but to take a truly active and engaged role on social platforms.  via Business 2 Community ...

fight back again negative customer ratings and reviews

How to Fight Back Against Negative Customer Ratings and Reviews.

Let’s face it, customers wield a remarkable amount of power over businesses these days. Did you know an uptick from 3.5 to 4 stars can lead to a 19 percent increase in peak-hour bookings at a restaurant? That’s the power of ratings and reviews.
Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Bad reviews can be a sinkhole for sales.  via Convince & Convert ...

lead conversion

Speed-to-Call Important in Converting New Leads.

Calling a new lead within a minute can result in a conversion rate more than twice as high as a call to a lead that occurs 48 hours later, reports Velocify in a new study. Despite the apparent impact of speed-to-call on conversion, Velocify notes that 51% of the leads it analyzed for the report were not called for at least 48 hours. via MarketingCharts ...