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how can marketers personalize at scale

How Marketers Can Personalize at Scale.

Marketing has entered its “uncanny valley” moment. That term was first used to describe the deep unease people feel when a robot or computer-generated human facsimile nearly succeeds in passing itself off as the real deal. It may walk like a person and talk like a person, but without the nuance, context, and tone that make for real engagement, what’s left rings false. And that’s off-putting.

Some marketing efforts give off the same vibe, like that creepy feeling when a casual online search leads to a glut of ads for the same pair of boots or getaway destination. While this type of engagement represents a step forward in personalizing experiences with customers, clumsy efforts at retargeting often feel intrusive and annoying.  via Harvard Business Review ...

big data for digital marketers

Big Data Basics for Digital Marketers.

A marketer’s guide to the three categories of big data: storage, processing, and analytics.  via Gartner ...

social media marketing for cmos

Three Ways a Social CMO Boosts Your Bottom Line.

In 2012, Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs would spend more money on IT than CIOs. This prediction already seems to be manifesting. Marketing technology is becoming inundated with clouds, stacks, innovation, and funding.

Marketers should be aware that social also is a critical ingredient in the marketing mix. Social is an important channel for buzz and awareness, content marketing, lead generation, and sales. If marketers are ignoring social, they are missing a key component in their marketing machine's foundation.  via MarketingProfs ...

cross platform marketing

Cross-Platform Marketing a Must-Have in 2016.

Mobile service behemoth AT&T is all about connectivity, so it’s no surprise that the brand’s key campaign this summer was about staying connected on the road. Nick Bianchi, director of social media at AT&T, talks about why cross-platform messaging was central to the campaign’s success and how it will continue to drive the company’s strategy in 2016.  via eMarketer ...

data driven marketing

How Are Senior Marketers Acting on Data-Driven Audience Insights?

Almost two-thirds of senior marketers strongly agree that data-driven marketing is crucial to success within a hyper-competitive global economy, according to a study[download page] released by Forbes Insights in association with Turn. While senior marketers are most apt to believe that data-driven marketing drives profitability (60%) and sales (54%), they also see it having a strong impact on creative and messaging. via MarketingCharts ...