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customer experience marketing

How Do Consumers Say They’d Respond to Positive Customer Experiences?

Some 82% of consumers have had a positive experience with a company recently, finds Verint in a survey of 18,038 respondents across 9 countries. Consumers were most likely to attribute a positive experience to the company dealing with their request quickly, while a sizable proportion also said that the company understood their issue and history.

That implies a level of desire for personalization in the customer interaction, though there appears to be some tension on this front.  via MarketingCharts ...

disruptive marketing

PepsiCo Talks About How to be Disruptive.

Disruption is a major issue for marketers: how can they and their brands be disruptive and, on the flip side, how can they prevent being disrupted themselves.  via Chief Marketer ...

online content

Authenticity and Design: How Consumers Feel About Online Content.

A slight majority (53%) of US consumers agree that, compared to 5 years ago, there is too much content out there, and 45% wish they could frequently “unplug” from all content and devices. While most feel that content has become easier to create and more visual, levels of skepticism regarding the authenticity of content are running high, according to a recent study from Adobe.  via MarketingCharts ...

business disruption

Disruption: It’s Not for Everybody.

As marketing has become a measurable science, and dollars have flowed from other parts of the business to the CMO, so too has the pressure to innovate grown. 

Truly disruptive businesses, however, call for significant behavioral change on the part of consumers.  via CMO Essentials ...