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CNN launching new video brand great big story on facebook

Why CNN is Launching its New Web Video Brand “Great Big Story” On Facebook First.

CNN has introduced Great Big Story, a new digital media brand focused on feel-good video content. And while Great Big Story videos will eventually be distributed on multiple platforms, the Turner-owned startup is focused primarily on building its audience on Facebook first.  via The Wall Street Journal ...

forget engagement online shoppers want buying to be easier

Report: Forget Engagement, Online Shoppers Want Buying to Be Easier.

One of the biggest buzzwords in social media is ‘engagement,’ as if engagement is the be-all and end-all to social media marketing. When it comes to e-commerce, social conversations are certainly important, as is general buzz around the topic; however, the real goals are conversions and making the sale.  via Adweek ...

advertising war between facebook and google

Who Will Win The Online Advertising War: Facebook Or Google?

Facebook’s undisputed victory in ad personalization is driving Google to make changes to its advertising business, according to Adobe Digital Index’s “Q3 Digital Advertising & Social Intelligence Report.”  via ...

increase qualified b2b seo traffic

How to Increase Qualified B2B SEO Traffic in 2016 & Beyond.

Many B2B marketers — particularly those selling to enterprise companies and targeting specific job titles — struggle with the task of generating SEO traffic that actually reaches their target audience.  Think search engine optimization doesn't apply to B2B companies? Think again.   via Search Engine Land ...

how to construct the perfect marketing email

How to Construct the Perfect Marketing Email.

Because so many things go into marketing emails - when to send them, how often to send them, what to write, what to highlight - how do you make one perfect? 

Though it's a subjective question, Retention Science, a retention marketing company from Los Angeles, did research in order to quantify email traits, such as exactly how many words a subject line should be (six to 10) and which month sees the most conversions (surprisingly not December).   via ClickZ ...