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Synchronize Customer Journey

How to Synchronize Your Marketing With the Customer Journey.

We often hear pundits say "brand loyalty is dead." Though I don't believe it's completely buried, I do agree that the price a brand must pay to ensure consumers are as loyal as they were 10-20 years ago has increased dramatically.

Not to mention that by the year 2020 loyalty will be based solely on experience, not on price or quality of product or service, research indicates.  Why this trend?  via MarketingProfs ...

website reader comments

What Happened After 7 News Sites Got Rid of Reader Comments.

For a short period at the end of 2014, it appeared that publishers had reached a breaking point in their ongoing struggle with reader comments. Within a few weeks of each other, Recode, Mic, The Week, and Reuters all announced that they were closing down their comment sections. They joined the ranks of other outlets, including The Chicago Sun-Times and Popular Science, that abandoned the practice in favor of letting users discuss stories on social channels instead.

Many news organizations have had comments sections for as long as they’ve been online. For just as long, many have agonized over the value of the conversations that rage in the space below a story. There’s plenty of debate over the issue, as newsrooms struggle with moderation, the value of anonymity among commenters, and, in some cases, the legal issues that arise from what’s said in the comments.  via NiemanLab ...

Pinterest Ad Search

Pinterest Hits 100 Million Monthly Users in Bid for Ad-Search Dollars.

Pinterest Inc. said on Thursday that it has hit 100 million monthly active users worldwide, sharing for the first time the heft of its user base as observers question whether the image-sharing site is worth the $11 billion valuation investors bestowed on it earlier this year.

The new disclosure comes as the five-year-old company has been working to aggressively expand overseas and grow its young business into the next advertising powerhouse.  via The Wall Street Journal ...

Blogging investment

How to Calculate Your Company's Investment in Blogging.

Just how valuable is your blog in the array of marketing efforts you're investing money in? It's likely you're measuring ROI for other efforts, such as PPC ads, but figuring out the return of producing original content for your blog is not as straightforward—and, for that reason, it's often overlooked.

But translating the value of your blogging efforts into an actual dollar amount can be incredibly useful. After all, how can you determine whether it's money well spent or a waste of precious marketing dollars? How can you take steps to make it even more cost-effective?  via MarketingProfs ...

Sandberg Facebook

Sandberg: Facebook Pages Are Mobile Presence for Small Businesses.

Facebook Inc. is where you keep tabs on your friends and the news. Why not find a handyman while you’re at it?

This week, Facebook announced new features that allow small and medium-sized businesses to beef up their Facebook pages, including one that makes it easier for users to send a message to a business.  via The Wall Street Journal ...