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Ad Blocking

1 in 8 Desktop Page Views in the U.S. Said to be Affected by Ad Blocking.

Almost 1 in 10 (9%) of unique visitors to websites in the US (desktop-only) block ads, per a recent study from comScore and Sourcepoint, with that the lowest rate of 7 countries measured. The behavior is far more widespread in France (24%) and Germany (27%), where about one-quarter of internet users are blocking ads.

Internet users who block ads appear to be above-average content consumers, as the percentage of page views affected by ad blocking (12% in the US) is higher than the percentage of unique visitors using them, across each market.  via MarketingCharts ...

Bill Gurley Google Amazon

Google should be very scared of what Amazon built, according to investor Bill Gurley.

Bill Gurley, one of the smartest thinkers in the technology industry, did a big interview at the Sailthru e-commerce conference. 

During the interview, he said he saw shades of 1999 in some companies getting millions of dollars in venture funding. Those comments, naturally, garnered a lot attention.

However, he had equally startling comments about Amazon and Google.  
via Business Insider ...

YouTube subscription

YouTube Is Prepping Its Subscription Launch: Two Services, One Price.

YouTube, which spent the first 10 years of its life as a free service, is getting ready to start selling tickets.

Google’s video site appears to be finalizing launch plans for its long-in-the-making subscription service, and industry sources say they’ve been told to expect a launch near the end of October.  via Re/code ...

Content moderation user generated content

Content Moderation: Who Needs It and How You Can Use UGC Successfully.

User-generated content (UGC—blog or forum comments, reviews, photos, videos, and tweets, to name a few) is one of the most powerful marketing tools today—more influential than any other media type (at least among millennials), according to research.

Recognizing the power of UGC, brands across the globe have implemented it into their marketing efforts. And although many brands have seen success, from Coca-Cola's Facebook Fan Page to Starbucks' White Cup Contest, many others have also seen the severely negative impact UGC can have.  via MarketingProfs ...

MasterCard lifestyle brand

MasterCard's new ambition: Become a lifestyle brand.

MasterCard is on a mission to transform its image from payments company to lifestyle brand. To its global chief marketing officer Raja Rajamannar’s mind, the evolution is necessary for it to stay afloat through the next digital marketing tsunami.  via Digiday ...