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advertising business

5 Trends, Movements and Ideas that Are Shaping the Advertising Business.

Everything is up for grabs. New ideas are being put together, tested and learned from, and tested and learned from a little more, to get both agencies and clients operating at a higher level.

Clients are looking at new ways of driving down cost, upping value, efficiency and output, keeping the agency on their toes and its ideas heading for the bleachers.

Agencies are also working out how to keep their agency on their toes, ideas also heading for said bleachers, keeping all those new start-up company’s clammy hands stuffed with dollars away their talent, and being grown-up partners to their clients.  So, lot’s happening, but here’s 5 things to ponder.  via Forbes ...

customer personalization

How to Transform Customer Personalization from Creepy to Cool.

In-store technologies and software are empowering smart brands to deliver engaging, individualized customer experiences. But for some brands, this technology is just giving customers the creeps.  via ...

email marketing 2.0

Is Your Organization Ready for Email 2.0?

With more than 4 billion email accounts in existence across the globe, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), email is everywhere, and it’s only getting bigger.

As the number of email accounts has increased through the years, however, many marketers have refused to acknowledge the need to change their approach to email to accommodate the age of digital disruption.  via ...

data driven marketing loyalty analytics

80% of Consumers Willing to Share Info, but Few Think They're Getting Much in Return.

Aimia, a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company, recently surveyed 20,000 people in 11 countries and found 80% were willing to share personal data, such as their names, email addresses, and nationalities with brands. But only 8% said they thought sharing that info netted them special benefits.  via ...

B2B buyers journey

Five Simple Ways to Get Your First Account-Based Marketing Campaign Up and Running.

Buyer behavior changes faster than most marketers are able to keep pace with. Modern B2B buyers want to be marketed to on their own terms, and they expect you to plan your campaigns accordingly.

So how can you engage buyers wherever they are in the selling process and also reach all of the important decision-makers—without being intrusive?  via MarketingProfs ...