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AWS amazon web services

Amazon's Cloud Business Continues Its Upward March.

Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues its climb up, up, up. The company released its earnings for Q2, 2016 and announced a surge in revenue for its cloud computing division. Revenue for Q2 was up 58 percent over a year ago at $2.87 billion. Operating profit rose to $863 million from $391 million in 2015.  Amazon continues its steady climb as the leader in public cloud services. Google, Microsoft, and IBM are jockeying for second position as they try to compete.  via Computerworld ...

what is a digital center of excellence

The CMO and DCoE: 3 Steps to Build Your Digital Center of Excellence.

Do you have a Digital Center of Excellence? Do you even know what it is? Well, you should. According to industry analyst firm IDC, two-thirds of Global 2000 CEOs will have digital transformation included as a key component of their corporate strategy by the end of 2017. 

As digital marketing is being used more frequently to convert customers, CMOs and their CEOs are being held to account for its impact on corporate growth. Building a digital center of excellence (DCoE) is key to both marketing and business success. The DCoE is a way to tear down the virtual walls between departments and teams that can stifle communication and make integrated digital marketing campaigns less successful. It can be a team or a facility that delivers research, support, best practices and training to the organization ensuring that every person in the organization is instrumental in supporting the customer journey. Key DCoE steps include investment in people, organizational redesign and optimizing the marketing technology stack.  via Marketing Land ...

enterprise software vendors

Enterprise Software Vendors Embrace New Licensing Models to Complement Cloud.

A new report titled Software Licensing 2016: Seismic Shifts – Shaky Foundations has been released by Flexera Software. Further demonstrating the changes taking place in the enterprise software market, the report finds that forty-three percent of enterprise software vendors now receive half or more of their revenue from the perpetual license model. Flexera also reported that seventy percent of software vendors will change their pricing and licensing models within the next two years to increase competitiveness, increase revenue, and improve customer relations.

Technology is changing so quickly and shrewd software producers are taking the initiative, seeing this transition as a chance to offer more flexible pricing models, gain market share, and develop new streams of revenue. via Talkin’ Cloud ...

Dell IoT partner news

Dell IoT Program Set to Engage Systems Integrators.

Dell has announced that it is ready to grow its Internet of Things (IoT) partner program from ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to systems integrators. This curated rollout will happen in August or September is part of a new focus on the commercial IoT market.
The preliminary Dell Solutions Partner Program currently includes almost 50 ISV partners across various solution areas including big data, analytics, and security, as well as seven verticals. It is important to note that this new Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program is different than Dell’s traditional channel partner program, known as PartnerDirect. via Channel e2e ...

difference between customer service and customer experience

The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience.

Some people use the terms customer service and customer experience interchangeably and it needs to stop. Although they do interact, the roles of customer service and customer experience are separate and distinct components in a larger corporate strategy. Here is an analogy about donuts that will put the differences into focus. via CustomerThink ...