This Week in Channel Management.

September 5-10, 2016

IT Channel Management News: The enterprise IT cloud, customer care, SaaS pricing, email lists, and SaaS CPA.

  • More than half of all enterprise IT workloads will be in the cloud by 2018.
  • How to win at the customer expectations game.
  • SaaS product pricing how to.
  • THE guide to building your email list.
  • How to determine your SaaS CPA.

August 29 - September 3, 2016

IT Channel Marketing News: Digital transformation, 20 CRM systems, niche marketing, social networks and valuable vanity metrics.

  • Digital transformation is delivering a major boost to IT spending.
  • [Infographic] 20 most user-friendly CRM systems.
  • What's your niche marketing strategy? Connecting with a hard to reach audience.
  • Engaging your social audience.
  • Why you should take a serious look at your vanity metrics.

August 22-27, 2016

Marketing Strategy News: Optimize customer experience, the art and science of content, internal website linking, live events, and marketing signals.

  • How to harness your data and convert it to a great customer experience.
  • The art and science of content creation and measurement.
  • Structuring your website's internal links.
  • How to drive attendance at live events.
  • The periodic table of marketing signals.

August 15-20, 2016

Customer Experience: McKinsey insights on customer experience, SMB security threats, universal marketing truths, customer experience and teamwork, and sales and marketing collaboration.

  • How to achieve a great customer experience. Insights from McKinsey executives.
  • 5 things channel partners can do to protect SMB customers against security threats.
  • 7 universal marketing truths that still work in the digital age.
  • Customer experience management takes teamwork and knowledge of the little red hen.
  • Are your sales and marketing teams playing nicely together? How they can collaborate more effectively.

August 8-13, 2016

Computer News: CompTIA's ChannelCon take away, Gartner's Magic Quadrant for IaaS, fast data, IoT for the channel, and MSP security report.

  • 3 things that stood out at ChannelCon.
  • IaaS winners and losers from Gartner's Magic Quadrant.
  • What's the story with fast data?
  • IoT facts the channel needs to know.
  • Q2 global security report. Listen up MSPs.

August 1-6, 2016

Channel Marketing News: Getting to know your audience, CompTIA's ChannelCon, predictive analytics, content for your sales funnel and video marketing.

  • Special ways go get to know your audience better.
  • CompTIA's ChannelCon 2016 begins. Here's what's happening so far.
  • Why you should embrace predictive analytics.
  • 3 ways to supercharge your sales funnel with quality content.
  • Video marketing isn't coming. It's here. What you need to know to be successful.

July 25-30, 2016

Partner News: Amazon's AWS on its way up, Digital Center of Excellence, the perpetual licensing model, Dell's Internet of Things, and customer service vs customer experience.

  • Amazon Web Services helps move Amazon up, up, up.
  • What does your Digital Center of Excellence look like?
  • The perpetual licensing model drives growth for software vendors.
  • Systems integrators to benefit from Dell's commercial Internet of Things program.
  • What's the difference between customer experience and customer service?

July 18-23, 2016

Channel Management News: Avnet's mobility solution, cloudy customer service, single customer view, recurring revenue metrics, phishing attacks marketing.

  • Avnet empowers EMC partners with new mid-market solution for mobility service delivery.
  • How cloud providers can get on the customer service bandwagon.
  • All this data is too much. Why you need a single view of your customer.
  • 6 recurring revenue metrics for success.
  • Phishing's attack on your marketing ROI.

July 11-July 16, 2016

Channel Sales and Marketing: Microsoft's Channel Tools, HPE Data Security, WPC16, Building Engaging Content, Marketing Best Practices.

  • Microsoft Presents Its New Marketing And Referral Tools To Channel Partners At WPC 2016.
  • HPE Is Opening Their Data Security Products To Their Channel Partners To Sell.
  • WPC 2016: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Keynote Video Highlights.
  • How To Build Engaging Content: Definitions, Measurements And Advice From Experts.
  • Marketing Best Practices To Make Technology Service Providers Successful.

July 4-July 9, 2016

Channel Management: Content Trends, CX Differentiator, Content Marketing Performance, Data's Story, Strategic Marketing Plan Defined.

  • 3 Negative Content Threats To Conquer.
  • Convenience, The New Trend In Customer Experience.
  • Measuring Performance To Improve Content Marketing.
  • Data Is Meaningless Without A Story. 3 Reasons Why.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Defined And Why You Need It.

June 27-July 2, 2016

Channel Sales and Marketing News: WPC 2016, BREXIT and Technology, HPE Channel Restructuring, Cisco Networking Market Share, and More.

  • WPC 2016 Is A Great Opportunity for You to Become A Modern Microsoft Channel Partner. Here Are 5 Tips.
  • So The BREXIT Vote Is In. How Will It Affect The Worldwide Tech Industry?
  • HPE Partners Cheer Their Sales And Marketing Restructuring And 2 Top Execs Step Aside.
  • Cisco's Networking Market Share Dominance Slipping As It Battles HPE, Huawei. IDC Shares The Data.
  • What Do Thanksgiving Leftovers And Derivative Content Have in Common? Don't Be So Quick to Say "Nothing."

June 20-June 25, 2016

Channel Sales Management: Win-Loss Analysis, Product Innovation Platform, Future of the Channel, Shadow IT and Lead Qualification.

  • Using Win-Loss Analysis to Master The Art [And Science] of The Deal.
  • IDC Research:  What Is A Product Innovation Platform And Why Does It Matter?
  • The Future of The Channel? Awesome!
  • Shadow IT Can Be More Than Just A Pain For Solution Providers. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Deal with It.
  • Emerging Companies Focus on Lead Qualification. Here Are The Numbers.

June 13-June 18, 2016

Channel Sales Management: Data Security Talent Gap, Public Cloud Migration, Data Center Changes, Cisco Apple Move, Understanding Cloud.

  • Cisco Helps Address Data Security Talent Gap with $10M Scholarship Program.
  • So How Fast Is The Migration to The Public Cloud Going, Really?
  • Venture Capitalist Predicts Major Data Center Changes on The Horizon.
  • So What Does The Recent Cisco-Apple Move Mean for Channel Partners?
  • Understanding The Cloud: How to Set Customer Expectations.

June 6-June 11, 2016

Channel Sales News: Operationalize CX, Selling Managed Services, Selling Business Continuity, AWS Migration and Customer-Centric Websites.

  • Is It Time to Operationalize Customer Experience?
  • 5 Best Practices for MSPs to Succeed in Selling Managed Services.
  • Marketing and Selling Business Continuity: How to Prove BDR Value.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Competency Launches with Dozens of Partners. 
  • 10 Ways to Create A Customer-Centric Website.

May 30-June 4, 2016

Channel Sales and Marketing Management: MSP Marketing, Mid-market Selling, Marketing Measurements, Cisco Channel Chief and the In Cloud.

  • MSP Marketing: What Works, What Doesn't.
  • Guide to Selling to Mid-market Companies.
  • How to Measure Marketing to Get Better Results.
  • Cisco Channel Chief: 'Partners Need to Get Started' on New Software Subscription Model.
  • Don't Try to Keep Up with The 'In Cloud'.

May 23-May 28, 2016

Channel Sales Management: Cisco and Microsoft, Back-Up and Disaster Recovery, S.M.A.C., Customer Personas and the Mobile Movement.

  • Citrix Makes Nice with Microsoft Again.
  • Start of Hurricane Season: A Good time to Talk BDR with Clients.
  • Why Marketers Need A SMAC.
  • How to Use Customer Personas to Tailor Your Marketing.
  • How Advertisers Can Seize the Mobile Moment.

May 16-May 21, 2016

Channel Sales and Marketing: CompTIA Tools, SAP Channel Program, Cisco Software Offensive, Real-Time KPIs, OEM Partners, and More.

  • CompTIA Launches Tool to Help MSPs with Customer Life-cycle and Client Relations.
  • SAP Readies Cloud Channel Program, Seeking New Recruits and Offering Transition Help for Current Partners.
  • Cisco Mounts Software Offensive, Putting Partners on Road to Recurring Revenue.
  • Why It's Time to Shift to Real-Time KPIs.
  • Why Solution Providers' Relationships with OEMs May Rely on Marketing Expertise.

May 9-May 14, 2016

Channel Sales Management: Symantec Channel Pipeline, Microsoft Channel Chief, EMC Word 2016, Intel Channel Strategy and the MSP Market.

  • Symantec Strengthening Channel Partner Pipeline.
  • Microsoft Global Channel Chief Phil Sorgen Heads Up US Channel Partners and More About VMware and Cisco.
  • End of An Era: 15 Scenes From EMC World 2016.
  • Intel Security Repositioning Channel Strategy Around Solutions, Services.
  • Managed Services Market Is Splitting into Two.

May 2-May 7, 2016

Chanel Sales News: Business Continuity, Customer Experience, Competitive Service Economy, Mobile Device Security, On-boarding, and More.

  • It's About Business Continuity, Not Just Data Backup.
  • How to Transform Into A Customer Experience Powerhouse.
  • 5 Ways VARs Can Drive Revenue in A Competitive Service Economy.
  • The Weakest Link: Mobile Device Security Still Lacking in Customers.
  • On-boarding: Start Right to Maximize Partner Performance.

April 25-April 30, 2016

Channel Marketing Management: Vertical Industries, Webinar Marketing, Marketing Pipeline Metrics, Vendor MDF and SMB Client Requirements.

  • 4 Steps to Establishing Your Business in a Vertical Industry.
  • 1 MSP Loves ROI of Marketing with Webinars.
  • Restoring Balance to Your Marketing Pipeline Metrics.
  • 3 Times You Should Seek Vendor MDF Funds.
  • How Changing SMB Client Requirements Are Reshaping the MSP Market.

April 18-April 23, 2016

Channel Management: Big Data, Adaptive Marketing, Channel Product Releases, CEOs and the Cloud, B2B Social Media Marketing, and More.

  • How Big Data Has Transformed Marketing into A Science.
  • Adaptive Marketing Is On The Rise.
  • 5 Product Releases That Are Good for The Channel.
  • The MSP's Job No. 1: How to Win The CEO Over to The Cloud.
  • 10 Success Factors for B2B Social Media Marketing.

April 11-April 16, 2016

Channel Sales and Marketing: MDF, Managed Services Certifications, SaaS Applications Sales Model, Brand Trust and MSP Sales Success.

  • MDF Can Cause Big Headaches, Part II.
  • Are Managed Services Certifications Really Worth the Effort?
  • SaaS Applications Sales Model Starts to Mature.
  • Why Brand Trust is King.
  • 5 Tips to MSP Sales Success.

April 4-April 9, 2016

Channel Marketing and Sales: Successful Social Selling, Reduce SaaS Churn, Chat Bots, Channel Partners in the Cloud, Creative Marketing.

  • 3 Tips for Successful Social Selling.
  • 5 Ways to Reduce SaaS Churn.
  • Facebook and Microsoft Chat Bots May Replace MSP Customer Phone Calls.
  • Channel Partners Can Help Customers Make Sense of the Cloud.
  • More Creative Marketing is as Easy as 1 2 3.

March 28-April 2, 2016

Channel Sales News: Recurring Revenue, SMB Expectations, IT Consumerization, Enterprise Customer Relationships, Customer Innovation Needs. 

  • Survey Says: Channel Players Moving from Project-Based Work to Position Themselves for Recurring Revenue.
  • 3 Ways to Exceed SMB Customers' Expectations.
  • How the Consumerization of IT is Creating New Opportunities for the Channel.
  • What It Takes to Manage the Enterprise Customer Relationship.
  • How Can Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation?

March 21-26, 2016

Channel Strategy: MSPs in 2020, Vertical Marketing Success, Distribution Account Managers, ABS not AWS and Microsoft Channel Strategy.

  • 2020 Is on The Horizon. What Will the Future of MSPs Look Like?
  • 7 Steps to Vertical Marketing Success.
  • How Should Distribution Account Managers Really Be Spending Their Time?
  • Is Amazon Business Services (Not AWS) Taking Over?
  • Microsoft Channel Strategy from Channel Chief Phil Sorgen.

March 14-19, 2016

Channel Sales News: Cloud Maturity, MSP Cloud Partners, Customer Changes, Trusted Business Advisors, MSP Elevator Pitches, and More.

  • 3 Key Customer Findings on Cloud Maturity [Microsoft & IDC Research]
  • The Cloud Pushes MSPs to Leverage New Channel Partners.
  • What Your Current Sales Team Needs to Keep Up With Ever Changing Customers.
  • Agents Need o Go Beyond IT and Become a Trusted Business Advisor.
  • Even An MSP Needs An Elevator Pitch. How to Write One.

March 7-12, 2016

Channel Sales and Marketing News: Engaged Empowered Partners, Marketing for Channel Sales, MSP Bundles, Boosting Ops Efficiency and More.

  • Marketing on the Cheap.
  • Engaged or Empowered Partners: Which is More Important?
  • Is Email Marketing Key to Channel Sales?
  • Managed Services Offered A La Carte or Bundled: Which is More Profitable?
  • 4 Tips to Boosting Operational Efficiency for MSPs.

February 29-March 5, 2016

Channel Sales News: IoT, VMware Channel Partners, Customer Culture, Cisco Partner Program Benchmarks, Vendor Relationships, and more.

  • The Internet of Things Could Come of Age This Year According to Gartner.
  • VMware Claims Partners Need to Change As the Reason for the Company's New Channel Plans. 
  • Solution Providers Need to Understand Their Customers' Culture to Succeed.
  • Cisco Introduces New Partner Program Benchmarks to Address Emerging Trends.
  • How to Know If A Vendor Values Your Relationship.

February 22-27, 2016

Channel Marketing Management: CX Mapping, the Equinix Channel, Solution Providers Aim High, Value-Added Channel, and GE Channel Tools.

  • 3 Key Considerations for Customer Experience Mapping.
  • 12 Months Since Equinix Turned to the Channel. So How's It Going?
  • 2016 Channel Forecast Finds Solution Providers That Aim Higher Have Greater Success Than Those Who Aim Low.
  • Value-Add Is the Key to Turning Shrinking Profits into a Thriving Channel. 
  • GE Offers Alliance Members Expanded Access to GE Digital Tools, Technologies and Domain Expertise.

February 15-20, 2016

Channel Marketing Insights: PR Strategy, Tomorrow's Marketing, Search Experience Optimization, Native Advertising, Multi-channel Content.

  • Building a PR Strategy Around Services.
  • [CMO Survey] The Marketing of Today and Tomorrow.
  • SEO Has Become Search 'Experience' Optimization.
  • Understanding the Three Different Segments of Native Advertising.
  • How to Map Your Marketing Content for Multi-channel Promotion.

February 8-13, 2016

Channel Marketing News: Digital Marketing Industry, Voice of the Customer, Live Events, Google's Featured Snippet Box and Online Video.

  • Digital marketing industry partnership announced.
  • Does marketing own the voice of the customer?
  • Should our marketing activities still include live event in the age of digital?
  • Optimizing your content for Google's Featured Snippet Box.
  • Online Video: Marketing's 'New Currency.'

February 1-6, 2016

Channel Insights: Marketing Art or Science, Customer Exits, Business Strategy vs Social Strategy, the Modern CMO, Influencer Marketing.

  • Is marketing more art or science? Hear from CMOs who have grown their businesses through highly innovative campaigns.
  • How to keep your customers from leaving after they've stopped loving you.
  • Why you need a business strategy, not a social strategy.
  • The 5 critical roles of the modern CMO.
  • Influencer marketing is changing content distribution.

January 25-30, 2016

Channel Marketing: Social Media Budgets, IAB and IoT, CIO Digital Leadership, Content Marketing Revenue, Vendor Management, and More.

  • Get your social media budget approved now. Here's how.
  • IAB prepares digital marketers for the Internet of Things with the Data Center for Excellence.
  • CIOs' relationships with CEOs are becoming more strategic as they build their platforms for digital leadership.
  • Is your content marketing strategy based on revenue generation? It should be. 
  • Digital drives marketers to re-evaluate vendor management strategies.

January 18-23, 2016

Channel News: B2B Marketing, SEO Rules, Facebook Instant Articles, Product Innovation and CX, Successful Cross-Channel Marketing.

  • 10 B2B marketing trends to watch out for.
  • 6 rules of effective SEO for 2016.
  • Facebook Instant Articles and 5 other important questions about content publishing.
  • Product innovation and exceptional customer experiences are driving growth for brands across all industries. 
  • 6 effective pointers for successful cross-channel marketing.

January 11-16, 2016

Channel Strategy: Company Culture, Consumer Insight to Build Brand, Marketing Automation for SEM, Martech, Search Analytics, and More.

  • The importance of company culture.
  • Using consumer insights to build your brand.
  • How to use marketing automation for SEM success.
  • MarTech in 5 years. What will it look like?
  • 3 tactics of search analytics to make more informed SEO-centric marketing decisions.

January 4-9, 2016

Channel Marketing: Content Ideas, Brand Value, Customer Experience Stats, CMO Ideas, Building Relationships with Reporters, and More.

  • A whole month's worth of new content ideas for your biz blog.
  • Are the benefits of brand value worth more than the costs of getting those benefits or are cost-saving initiatives doing more harm than good?
  • 50 thought provoking customer experience stats.
  • 20 CMOs reveal their best ideas for 2016.
  • Former journalist discusses how to build relationships with reporters.

December 28-January 2, 2016

Channel Marketing Strategy: C-Suite Marketing, Marketing Technology, Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, Internet of Things, and More.

  • From ad blocking and social to mobile and customer experience, presents their top stories for c-suite leaders.
  • Marketing technology requires marketers with the right skills to manage it. Here are some must-have skills.
  • Trending advancements in marketing automation.
  • 2016 brings new challenges in mobile marketing.
  • Leveraging the Internet of Things.

December 21-26, 2015

Channel Marketing: Mobile Priority, FTC Native Advertising, Trends in CX, Big Data Driving, and Closing Strategy to Execution Gap ROI.

  • How to convince your CEO to make 'mobile' a priority.
  • The FTC puts its foot down on native advertising, spelling out what's deceptive and what's not.
  • Three trends for the new year that will force companies to manage customer experiences differently.
  • Yes, big data really can help fine tune your marketing/sales efforts and drive greater ROI. Here's how.
  • Closing the strategy-to-execution gap.

December 14-19, 2015

Channel Marketing: Customer Lifecycle, Closed-Loop Marketing, CMO vs CTO, Internet of Things, Buyer Persona Challenges and Tactics.

  • [Marketing Survey] Marketers need to redeploy their efforts when it comes to being effective at all stages of the customer lifecycle.
  • Accomplishing closed-loop marketing doesn't have to feel worse than a trip to the dentist. You really can get a handle on it.
  • [CMO/CTO Study] The historical wall between CMO and CTO is seeing some cracks as marketers rely on technology to achieve their digital marketing goals. What differences between CMO and CTO still exist? 
  • [Report] Bring it on. The Internet of Things is A-ok according to consumers. 
  • What your employees don't understand about your buyer personas. Top challenges and tactics.

December 7-12, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Speed vs Stability, CMO Trends, the CX Differentiator, CMO and Digital Marketing, Customer Loyalty and Big Data.

  • No, your business doesn't have to choose between speed and stability.
  • The marketing revolution will continue in 2016. These 7 trends will shape the CMO role.
  • [B2B Study] B2B execs say customer experience is a key differentiator for new markets. How does that compare to traditional players?
  • [Marketing Study] What skills does today's CMO need in this era of digital marketing?
  • Yes, big data and customer insights really can help drive customer loyalty.

November 30-December 5, 2016

Channel Marketing News: IT / Marketing Alignment, Marketing Technology, CX Program Growth, CRM and Customer Loyalty, CMO of the Future.

  • Tech isn't just the responsibility of the CIO anymore. IT-marketing alignment and CX is just the beginning for today's CMO.
  • Yes, marketing technology has a long way to go but it's come a long way too. Here's how to take advantage of what we are able to report on now and stop throwing our hands in the air in frustration.
  • [Marketing Report] Although 86% of sales and customer service execs say that they view their customers as "very important" to their business strategy, only 23% of B2B companies are actually achieving higher revenue growth as a result of a targeted CX program, according to a recently released report.
  • [Marketing Survey] Marketers reveal that the days of a focus on PR and advertising are over as they step up to drive actual business growth. They are embracing responsibility for CRM, customer loyalty and CX but there are still significant hurdles to overcome.
  • The CMO of the future is here - part journalist, part programmer, part scientist. Here are the traits today's successful CMO must possess.

November 23-28, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Personalization at Scale, Big Data 101, Social Media Measurement, Cross-Platform and Data Driven Marketing.

  • Personalization is today's marketing focus. But, can you really do it at scale?
  • [Marketing Guide] Big data 101. A guide to storage, processing and analytics.
  • Yes, social can be measured and boost your bottom line.
  • [Case Study] Cross-platform marketing by AT&T and why it should be included in your company's strategy in 2016.
  • [Marketing Study] Senior marketers agree that data driven marketing is important to their success. But, are they acting on the data they're collecting to drive profitability and sales?

November 16-21, 2015

Channel Marketing Management: Customer Journey, Meerkat and Periscope, Customer Experience, Ad Blocking and Digital Marketing Success.

  • [Marketing Report] Understanding a customer's journey isn't just hype. It looks like it's becoming one of the most frequently used ways to increase conversion rates according to a recent report.
  • Are live video broadcasting apps like Meerkat and Periscope just fads? We describe. You decide.
  • [Marketing Survey Results] Investing in customer experience is a double edged sword - you still need to deliver on your short term financial goals while focusing on your customers' long term satisfaction. Which should take priority?
  • Everything you need to know about ad blocking.
  • Digital marketing's path to success.

November 9-14, 2015

Channel Sales and Marketing News: CMO Architect of Growth, Personalizing CX, Marketing Technologists, Enterprise B2B Buyers, and More.

  • The CMO as a business' architect of growth was the theme for this year's Forbes CMO Summit. Content and the Internet of Things lead the conversation.
  • [Marketing Survey Results] Marketing, sales and business pros chose personalizing the customer experience as their top objective in a recent marketing survey conducted by Ascend2.
  • Technologists are revolutionizing marketing and becoming the third leg in the marketing stool.
  • [Marketing Study] What drives enterprise B2B buyers? It's different than SMB buyers. Transparent pricing and product details lead theChannel Management:  way.
  • What keeps a CMO up at night? Here are 4 of their concerns. Are they yours?

November 2-7, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Earned Media, Creative Content Marketing, Social Customer Service, Negative Customer Reviews and Calling Leads.

  • What's old is new again. Earned media is becoming a key component in every marketer's toolkit and the alignment of traditional marketing and public relations functions need to be reevaluated.
  • [Marketing Survey] Content marketing and creative teams aren't as aligned as you may think. 60% of respondents say they could work better together if it wasn't for poor communication between them.
  • Calling your customer support line is no longer the first option for disgruntled customers. It's announcing their frustration or displeasure to the world (and you) on social media. Use technology to engage them and improve your social customer service.
  • Customers now wield extraordinary power with the use of star ratings and reviews. They can sink or grow a business. So, it's important for you to understand how to effectively fight back against negative customer reviews.
  • [Marketing Study] The old saying, "you snooze, you lose" is applicable when describing how important the speed of a call back is when reaching out to new leads. A new study reveals that conversion rates are more than twice as high when leads are called within a minute as opposed to 48 hours later.

October 26-31, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Buyer Personas, Customer Experience Touch Points, Ziff Davis and Death of Print, Content Curation and CMSwire.

  • 8 Reasons Buyer Personas Fail.
  • Which Touch Points are Central to the Customer Experience?
  • How Ziff Davis Survived the Death of Print.
  • 10 Common Myths About Content Curation.
  • CMSwire Releases Research on Digital Customer Experience.

October 19-24, 2015

Channel Marketing Management: CNN Web Video, Online Shoppers, Facebook or Google Ads, Qualified B2B SEO Traffic and Email Marketing.

  • CNN is launching its new web video brand on Facebook first.
  • Why online shoppers want buying to be easier.
  • Who will win the online advertising war, Facebook or Google?
  • How to increase qualified B2B SEO traffic in 2016.
  • How to construct the perfect marketing email.

October 12-17, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Calvin Klein Still Sells Sexy, Positive CX, PepsiCo Being Disruptive, Online Content, Disruption, and More.

  • Calvin Klein still sells sexy after all these years.
  • How consumers respond to positive customer experiences.
  • Learn from PepsiCo how to be disruptive.
  • How consumers feel about online content.
  • Disruption is not for every business.

October 5-10, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Retail Customers, Twitter Pre-Roll Video Ads, B2B Content Marketing, Micromax Informatics CMO, Value Added CMOs.

  • Learn when consumers really want to hear from retailers.
  • Twitter has opened their pre-roll video ad marketplace.
  • Trends in B2B content marketing.
  • Hear directly from Shubhajit Sen, CMO of Micromax Informatics.
  • Do CMOs really add value?

September 28-October 3, 2015

Channel Management: Facebook TV Ad Spend, Brand Effectiveness, B2B Marketer Videos, Trust in Advertising, and Retail Email Marketing.

  • Facebook is targeting TV ad spend in a big way.
  • The challenges marketers are facing in effectively measuring branding efforts.
  • Study on how B2B marketers are using video.
  • Hear directly from people about their trust in advertising [report]
  • Stats on how retail email marketing is changing.

September 21-26, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Ad Blocking, Google vs Amazon, YouTube Subscriptions, UGC moderation, the MasterCard Lifestyle Brand, and More.

  • 1 in 8 desktop page views in the U.S. is said to be affected by ad blocking [Report]
  • Google should be very scared of what has Amazon built.
  • YouTube is prepping its subscription launch.
  • The appropriate use of content moderation can make User Generated Content one of today's most powerful marketing tools.
  • MasterCard is transitioning from a payments company to a lifestyle brand.

September 14-19, 2015

Channel Marketing Insights: Customer Journeys, Website Moderation, Pinterest Ad Powerhouse, Blogging Investment, Facebook and SMBs.

  • Synchronize marketing with the customer journey to drive brand loyalty.
  • Is removing the comments section from posts the next step in the battle over website moderation?
  • Pinterest says their number of monthly users has hit 100 million which could turn them into an advertising powerhouse.
  • Calculate your company's investment in blogging.
  • Facebook is beefing up their small business capabilities, enabling Facebook users to find new products and services as easily as they find friends.

September 7-12, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Advertising Trends, Customer Personalization, Email 2.0, Customer Sharing Survey, and Account-Based Marketing.

  • 5 trends, movements and ideas that are shaping the advertising business.
  • How to transform customer personalization from creepy to cool.
  • Why is transitioning to email 2.0 important?
  • 80% of consumers are willing to share info but don't think they're getting much in return [Survey]
  • 5 simple ways to get your first account-based marketing campaign up and running.

August 31-September 5, 2015

Channel Marketing News: B2B Decision Makers Eroding Trust, Customer Acquisition Battle, Paying Influencers, NewsCred, and more.

  • Does your marketing really influences B2B decision makers?
  • 3 factors that can erode trust in a brand's website.
  • How marketing and sales work together using content to win the customer acquisition battle.
  • 1 company was charged with paying influential publishers without telling viewers.
  • NewsCred has received a new round of funding, showing that 'content marketing' has become 'marketing'.

August 24-29, 2015

Channel Marketing Management: ROI of Internal Web Search, Cross-Channel Marketing, Segmentation, Data Driven Marketing and Facebook M.

  • The ROI of internal website search capability.
  • How cross-channel marketing efforts are evolving [infographic]
  • How an abundance of data is changing segmenting.
  • With new data-driven marketing solutions comes new challenges.
  • Facebook is testing M, a Siri-like personal assistant within Messenger.

August 17-22, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Facebook Ad Stats, Twitter Mobile Ad Network, KFC Ad Campaign, 4 Mobile Startups, Oracle and Maxymiser.

  • Facebook advertising stats on revenue, targeting and distribution.
  • Twitter is opening its mobile ad network.
  • KFC’s change of actors hasn’t helped its dismal ad campaign.
  • 4 mobile startups that marketers should keep an eye on.
  • Oracle just bought a marketing company called Maxymiser.

August 10-15, 2015

Channel Management: Advertising and Investing, CMO Growth, Tech Vendors, the Buyer Experience, Online Influencers and Email Subjects.

  • Discover the intersection of advertising and investing.
  • CMOs can really drive growth.
  • SMBs tell us how tech vendors can improve the buying experience.
  • Who online influencers really are.
  • The best and worst performing words in email subject lines.

August 3-8, 2015

Channel Sales and Marketing This Week: Holiday Mobile Alerts, Instagram, Email Marketing, Apple Ads, Death to the Banner Ad, and More.

  • 62% of retailers expect zero ROI from holiday mobile alerts.
  • Instagram has officially switched on its advertising API.
  • 5 tactics to make your email marketing more interesting.
  • Apple is not going to target ads based on consumer credit card balances.
  • The death of the banner ad has been greatly exaggerated.

July 27-August 1, 2015

Channel Marketing: Customer Experiences, Live Chat, Predictive Intelligence, Facebook Gross Rating Points, LinkedIn Marketing Revenue.

  • How to create a breakthrough customer experience.
  • Live Chat can do more for your business than you think.
  • How to pick a predictive intelligence solution.
  • Facebook is letting companies buy video ads by using Gross Rating Points.
  • LinkedIn marketing revenue has climbed while display dipped.

July 20-25, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Twitter Live Events, Programmatic Advertising, Marketing Engines, Print vs Digital, Advertising Seasonal Decline.

  • Additional information on Twitter's live event targeting tool.
  • How programmatic advertising is becoming a large chunk of online spending.
  • Only 12% of marketers have high-performance marketing engines that target the right audience with relevant and persuasive content.
  • Readers of print magazines still outpace readers of digital magazines.
  • Advertising demand has begun its seasonal decline but digital continues its expansion.

July 13-18, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Email and Social Media Integration, Rewards Programs, Mobile first, Mobile Shopping, Social Media Influencers.

  • The benefits of integrating email and social media strategies.
  • Customers' attitudes about rewards programs.
  • Another reason why marketers should think mobile first.
  • Google has rolled out a slate of new mobile shopping features.
  • How social media influencers get consumers to buy more stuff.

July 6-11, 2015

Channel Marketing: Facebook's Holy Grail, Email Segmentation, Mobile Dominates Search, Strategic Messaging in Apps, and Top Advertisers. 

  • New Facebook feature could be a new holy grail for marketers looking to boost their page's audience.
  • Email segmentation and personalization really does boost open rates.
  • Mobile continues to dominate on search.
  • Keeping customers engaged with strategic messaging is key to app usage.
  • Top advertisers are spending smarter.

June 29-July 4, 2015

Channel Management: Pay per Face, App Marketers, Salesforce Data Center, Marketing Technology, and Omni-Channel for Brick-and-Mortar.

  • Marketers should expect “pay-per-face” and “pay-per-look” coming to a computer near you.
  • Only 33% of app marketers use in-app messaging but they get 3.5X higher retention [usage and engagement study]
  • Salesforce will open a European data center in Germany in August to support German and European customers.
  • Total investment received by marketing technology (Martech) companies from April through June 2015.
  • Department stores are leveraging brick-and-mortar locations to create omni-channel experience.

June 22-27, 2015

Channel Sales and Marketing News: McDonalds Ads, Mobile Marketing, Unilever Goes Green, Facebook Video, the Acquisition of AOL, and More.

  • McDonalds is targeting cyclists with their latest ad campaign.
  • There’s still a gap between consumer adoption of mobile and marketer spend on the digital platform.
  • Unilever is bringing consumers and entrepreneurs together to tackle sustainability challenges.
  • Facebook will soon deliver nearly as many video views as YouTube.
  • Acquisition of AOL will create a media and ad tech powerhouse which will help fortify it against the rise in ad blocking.

June 15-20, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Sponsored Content, Cross-Channel Marketing, Twitter Struck by Lightning, Facebook, and Nestle Using Periscope.

  • Consumers feel deceived by sponsored content or native ads.
  • The biggest challenge to cross-channel marketing is a single customer view.
  • Twitter is struck by Lightning
  • Facebook isn’t what it used to be for many companies.
  • Nestle uses Periscope for ads.

June 8-13, 2015

Channel Marketing Insights: is Sexy, Mobile Video Ads, CX Priorities, Unique Digital Ads, Tech Data's Portal, Location Marketing.

  • is bringing sexy to their geeky ad campaign.
  • Pandora exec says that 8 seconds could be the sweet spot for mobile video advertising.
  • Gartner report uncovers corporate changes in customer experience priorities.
  • AppNexus is offering marketers bring-your-own-algorithms for digital ads.
  • Tech Data has launched a new marketing portal for their reseller partners.
  • A local intelligence platform, Local ID, provides multi-location brands with individual location marketing knowledge in a single solution.

June 1-6, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Cloud Technology, Fraudsters and the Amazon Cloud, Social ROI, Google's Larry Page, Samsung Marketing and More.

  • CMOs and vendors debate marketing cloud technology at BMA15.
  • Fraudsters use Amazon’s cloud to create fake web traffic.
  • Marketers still struggle to measure social ROI [report]
  • Google’s Larry Page says marketers need to create better ads to keep ad-blocking software at bay.
  • Tech giant Samsung has hired Unilever’s #2 marketer, Marc Mathieu.

May 25-30, 2015

Channel Marketing News: Harvard Business Review, Google, Post-it, Influencer Marketing, the Top 10 Brands, and More.

  • Marketers need to change their game in the new era of the B2B millennial.
  • Why influencers have become the new “it” crowd.
  • How having a digital focus really can result in better business performance.
  • Post-it has turned retargeting on its head.
  • The top 100 brands worldwide.